Thursday, April 13, 2006

Normal Every Day Stuff


Erin's Relay for Life Team is really gearing up.  They are still collecting cans and have sponsored three Hat Days at Mary Branch, where students pay (a quarter for themselves or $5 for their whole class) for the privilege of wearing a hat all day at school.  Since hats are usually verboten, the response to this opportunity has been quite thunderous.

Relay is on the last Friday of April (two weeks from tomorrow).   Part of the event is a luminary ceremony.  Anyone in the community can buy a luminary for a donation of at least $5 In Honor Of or In Memory Of someone who has or had cancer.  During the ceremony, the lights are extinguished, except for the candles in the luminaries.  All the Relay participants walk laps around the track, while an announcer speaks the names of the survivors and angels being honored.

I have luminaries available for you to buy for anyone in your life who has met cancer face-to-face.  Let me know, and I will get the bag(s) to you so you can decorate them if you would like.

In other news, Erin continues to prosper on this regimen.  Her counts yesterday were all in the normal range, and she no longer has to wear a jacket everyday to keep warm.  She is thrilled that Aunt Kat and Emma have arranged their schedule for a full week visit.  Aunt Elisabeth and Annabelle will arrive on Friday for the full-blown extravaganza.  Davis celebrated his birthday in style with a dinner on Monday night, a cake on Tuesday, and gift opening continuing as the week progresses.  The only downer was that he got notice to register for the selective service in the mail yesterday.   Aack!  I'll have to pay even closer attention to that crazy president of ours and make sure he doesn't start (another) war that would require a military man-power build up.  Walter may be reaching the end of his recruiting season.  Willie, Luke, and Uma are figuring out how to live and let live.  Me?  I'm in the April grading jag.  Two more weeks of classes, then finals.

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