Friday, July 28, 2006

No More Pins and Needles

July 28, 2006

Lash me to a pole and torture me. I have been home almost 18 hours and have not updated Erin's website. I could barely swim through the hallway this morning when I delivered Erin back to vacation Bible school without stopping to reassure inquiring eyes that our day had gone well yesterday. Erin, Nico, and I dragged our tired, but happy selves back into the Microplex around 5:30 yesterday evening. We brought with us news that Erin's scans remain stable, her counts look fine, and we will start round 8 of oral etoposide on Monday. We will scan again in three (or maybe four) months.

The staff on Erin's pod at Texas Children's Hospital have had a rough summer with new diagnoses and more relapses than usual, so I know that everyone was glad to see a very healthy appearing and very happy Erin Buenger come through with good news on the inside as well.

For any of you who might be interested in honoring Erin by supporting Neuroblastoma research, Nikki, a wonderful young woman is doing a fund-raising blog-a-thon starting
9 am (EST) Saturday, July 29. She will post updates every half hour for 24 hours and will feature different cancer kids and their websites.

Neuroblastoma is a very “under-funded” cancer as far as research dollars go, so your help is extra appreciated.

To read more about Nikki’s efforts and to make a sponsorship donation, go to: and click on “sponsor me.” On the next page, scroll down about halfway and you’ll see the details you need.

I have a bit more to pass on to you, but want to take you off pins and needles by getting this posted as soon as possible. I'll try to post again in a quiet moment this weekend. Until then, thanks for checking in.

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