Saturday, July 1, 2006

Where Is Lassie When You Need her?

July 1, 2006

Clinic went well on Thursday. Erin checked out fine for another round of oral etoposide (we'll scan on July 27 to check if Erin's lung gunk has resolved and if the tumor is still cooperating). The nurse practitioner also found two infected ears, which explained Erin's somewhat sluggish week. I promptly announced a moratorium on plane trips for the rest of the year. Erin has picked up some sort of floating virus both times we've flown in the last month, and given her compromised immune system, I think it best to avoid the germs.

Despite her less than stellar health, Erin made it to three days of music camp this week and has thoroughly enjoyed Mary Beth and Rachel, who are visiting their grandparents (who live next door). Their visit has taken the edge off of Nico's departure for an almost three week trip to the northeast. We are babysitting his triops (and Elaine, if you happen to check the website while you are gone, try to prepare the boys for there being one fewer triop than when you left. The smaller one died overnight on Friday.).

Aunt Kat and Emma have managed to fit in another trip down to Bryan, and if things work out, we may get to keep Emma for awhile. Luckily, she is a sweet and low-maintenance girl, because odds are, I have forgotten even the basics of toddler care. It may be just what I need to get back into the swing of things. Here is the latest Vickie funny. Last Saturday Erin went to an out-of-town birthday party all day. Davis worked, and Walter drove to a family get together in Taylor. I can't remember the last time I had the house to myself on a Saturday with nothing important hanging over my head. I had the day mapped out in my mind, starting with spreading wet newspaper in a flower bed I planned to rehabilitate. Within minutes of starting, I turned the wrong way and got stuck on my hands and knees in the middle of the back yard. By some freak accident, my back no longer supported me, but instead became a throbbing set of spasming muscles. Willie thought I had dropped to my knees to play with him, so he didn't listen when I asked him to go get my mother next door. I think he saw my pleas as a request for face licking and crotch sniffing, which he complied with cheerfully. Where is Lassie when you need her? Eventually, my mom did go into her backyard to do some watering, and I got her attention and with her help eventually hobbled inside. I have had to take it a bit slow ever since. Each day I have improved and am hoping to convince Walter that I am fit for my soccer match tomorrow night.

Speaking of soccer, most of you probably think that Davis has finally put soccer behind him. Not true. He got picked up by Arsenal in the local Division II league and had two games this week. On Thursday he netted the go ahead goal in a tight game with a left-footed shot that rivaled Maxi Rodriguez's beauty in World Cup play last week. Speaking of which, Davis and I put our fandom behind England after the US failed to qualify. They went down on penalty kicks this morning, losing to Portugal. Rooney's mom should have taught him that stepping on an opponent's crotch was bad manners, then he would not have been ejected from the game at just the wrong moment. Oh well. I guess we will switch loyalties yet again. What do you think? Germany? France? Brazil? Italy? Definitely not Portugal.

Several people have asked if I really thought Chet Edwards listened to us. Some even implied that he may have just been a skilled politician. I'll let you decide. Erin received a handwritten letter from him this morning:

Dear Erin,
It was a joy and inspiration to meet you, because you are a beautiful girl, inside and out!
I have told my wife and my two sons, J.T. (10) and Garrison (8) about you and maybe some day when we are in Brazos County, my family and I can take you to lunch and J.T. can introduce his teddy bear to yours.
Until then, thank you for coming to visit me and please know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Your Friend,
P.S. What was your teddy bear's name?

He also included a large photo his staffer took of him and Erin in his office last week. He signed it:

To Erin,
I believe God smiled when he brought you into this world. Your courage and sparkle for life have touched my heart. As my new friend, you will be in my thoughts and prayers, always! Chet Edwards

I also learned in an e-mail from his director of constituent services, he has also instructed his staff that any mail he gets from Erin goes directly to him without being opened or screened by anyone. He has also secured one of the flags that flew over the capitol the day we visited and is having it sent to her in honor and remembrance of her visit. Perhaps he is a skilled politician, but he seems like a kind man to us.

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