Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pump Primed

July 13, 2006

Pat yourself on the back. For some reason, after sitting like a bump on a log at the bottom of a bog for three days over the weekend, Erin's white count put on the afterburners and returned to normal this morning (WBC--5100; ANC--2500. You read that right, her ANC is five times higher than it was three days ago.). And we owe it all you Erin Fans who put the big call in to get the pump primed for more bug fighting juice in Erin's marrow. Thank you!

This news relieves no one more than yours truly, who made the call to send Erin to camp this week with 130 other kids. Normal counts today make me look brilliant (and of course, much loved by Erin who would have gladly punished me soundly had I kept her at home all week waiting for definitive news). Had they stayed put, I would have looked stupid and perhaps abusive. What a narrow line cancer parents walk between protecting their kids so they can live and letting them live.

As it is, Erin (I assume, I haven't actually talked to the doc yet) is back on chemo and set for the next two weeks, until we return to Houston for scans. I have been warned that I need to bring a video camera to the camp finale performance tomorrow night to capture Erin's dance. Alas, the highly technical, but gadget-poor Buenger family doesn't own a video cam. Once again we must depend on the kindness of strangers to record the important moments in our lives. We are also expecting the arrival of Walter's sister from California. Hurray!

I have put a picture of Erin with Chet Edwards here, and will also add the link to the photo page.

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