Monday, April 2, 2007

Beer/Bike/Teeth/Ear Update


Here's a quickie.

Beer/Bike race--postponed until April 14. Rainy weather, complicated by a campus tragedy (a student overdosed and died) unrelated to the race.

Erin's teeth--no cavities. . .yet. Because of the harsh, high dose chemicals used to treat Erin and the radiation she had over her entire body, including her head, Erin's teeth are starting to deteriorate a bit. Her Number 14 and her Number 30 (I think those are both towards the back) have soft spots developing down in the crevasses. Her dentist, Sig Kendall, will try sealants as the first line of defense. We'll do that in a couple of weeks.

Erin's ears--still fluid-y. No infection in the left ear, milky look in the right ear. The ENT Andrew de Jongh was unwilling to call it pus. We're giving it three more weeks for the fluid to drain on its own, then he will recommend ear tubes. I'm not sure where I stand on that. One more surgery (even though, it's a mole hill compared to the mountains Erin has climbed before) is not high on my list, especially since the ears don't hurt and her overall health seems fine. Still, hosting serial infections in an immuno-compromised child is like playing with fire. Right now, the lake seems to be the deciding factor. If he could make her waterproof molds that she could swim in, I think I would give it the okay, if needed.

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