Friday, April 13, 2007

Not Too Young to Wear Purple


I failed to do justice to last week's scantravaganza with either wit or photojournalism. In some ways, it was enough to announce that our stool hasn't started to wobble (translation: things remain stable). Still, I'd like Erin to have this diary when she's an old survivor and read about the fun that we mixed in. In that spirit, here are a couple of photos (before and after) from the Lighthouse Lift at the Houston Aquarium on Tuesday night. Both are completely staged by a couple of professional hams.

Before twenty-five rides on the machine that carries you up thirty feet into the air and then drops you (Alternative title: A Good Day with Cancer):

twenty-five rides on the machine that carries you up thirty feet in the air and then drops you (I think you can click on the image and get a closer view of Erin and Nico's interpretation of A Bad Day with Cancer):

I even used my still camera to take some motion video. If I can figure out how to set that up on a sidebar, I will.

Since Scan Day, we have charged into April: three softball games, two birthday parties for Davis, a craftfest at the church, two soccer practices, an Easter performance by the Carter Creek Brass, a Walter/Vickie dinner date, dental sealants for Erin, horse back riding, and a quick trip to Houston to return Davis to Riceland.

For Easter we coordinated our outfits with Erin's. To hell with "When I Get Old I will Wear Purple." I decided the right time was right now. We even managed to throw off our coats long enough to snap this shot.

Erin's blood counts on Wednesday showed that all was still right with the life fluid circulating around her body. All the different numbers we pay attention to (hemoglobin, white counts, and platelets) met the minimal standard for normal. She brought home another satisfying set of numbers yesterday: a fantastic report card. Only one more six week grading period and Erin will become a fifth grader, or as Walter told her at breakfast this morning, "You'll be on the top of the heap at Mary Branch!" I, for one, am not in that big of a rush to get to next fall. In fact, I'm not in that big of a rush to get to next week. Instead, I plan on enjoying the weekend end-of-season soccer tournament and the sleepover Erin planned for this evening. I will also tune my eyes on her singing "Feed My Sheep" at church on Sunday. If the timing works out, she may do Walk/Trot Equitation in the BAHA Spring Horse Show and that would be great, too. Davis played in the semi-final match of Rice soccer intramurals last night, but I don't know the outcome. Tomorrow is the day of the re-scheduled Beer/Bike race. I will update the Report with birthday pics and other stuff when I find out the results of those two biggies. Thanks for stopping by! P.S. No news on the Agent Cool Blue front. I did make it through to the automated consumer help line, which helpfully read out loud the information in the press release and directed me to my health care provider. Since I have heard nary a word from my HCP, even though I emailed with specific questions, I am going to put my concerns on hold.

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