Thursday, April 5, 2007

Stable, Not Just a Place to Hold Horses


Our day yesterday was fragmented, grueling, and ultimately great. The radiologist declared the CT "stable" with all the January anomalies (that we had hoped were related to lung gunk and general bad health) resolved. The bone scan was negative for disease, and Erin's blood counts looked solid: BUN and hemoglobin returned to normal, white count and ANC remained a little low, but fine for someone on chemo, and the balance tested out just where they were supposed to. Erin had even grown a bit in height and put back on some of the pounds she lost over winter. She's now 4 foot three and a half inches, and 57 and a half pounds (Erin thinks it's quite important to include those "halfs").

Now I can rest easy for about a month or six weeks before I start looking in earnest for signs that things are not going well.

Davis caught a ride back home with us, and is refilling his metaphorical tanks before returning back to school for the final three weeks of mayhem, plus the torture of finals. When I get over the glow lit by the realization that Erin can continue doing what she's been doing and that our family doesn't have to stop, regroup, and make a new plan, I will post a livelier update.

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