Saturday, May 2, 2009


May 2, 2009

And sometimes the only thing to do is sweat. . . which is the upside to living in central Texas in late spring and owning a large lawn.

NOTE BENE:  only a connoisseur can discern the taste difference between tears and sweat.

NOTE BENE DUO:  no, I will not mow your yard, too.


  1. sweat = good.. yep. i was going to do that, but it's raining here in northern utah. this morning my verb was "drink a double shot latte with a new friend." yep. this afternoon? clean kitchen - i hope.. and later "read student papers" and thursday, all day will be "drive to eugene".. i like this thinking in verbs (and so does my counselor.. i told her about it and she approved).

    keep putting one foot in front of the other.. kindly though. i actually do wish i could be there next friday walking the lap with y'all.

  2. Vickie-
    I just mowed my lawn too! It's hot in North Carolina - but probably not as hot as it is in Texas. Problem is, we live on an enormous hill.. so it's really a lot of work!

    The relay lap sounds like fun - I wish I could be there, but I'm definitely there in spirit.

    Thinking of you guys all the time,