Friday, May 1, 2009

Unpack and Pack

May 1, 2009

Not nearly as inspiring as, well, "inspire" but totally necessary, and slightly more interesting than the other verbs I used today: pay (as in pay bills) and argue (as in argue with both my bank and AT&T about why I had a $260 EFT to AT&T from my account that I didn't authorize and that AT&T claims it has no record of).

Davis put his semester in the recycling bin and headed home to the microplex last night. Fortunately for him, he had the full volume of my van, less the driver's seat, to hold his one-semester collection of stuff that needed a lift home. Today he has spent some part of the day sort things to store for the summer or take with him when he leaves on Sunday.

I think the range of items he has to pack is relatively small. For one thing, he's sharing space with three other guys (sadness of sadness, there is no room for Ruby) and for another, he has to wear a coat and tie to work every day. Don't worry, Walter and I are planning a road trip to the northeast towards the end of the month to reunite Davis and Ruby and change out his dress clothes for the more casual wardrobe suited for a math intern.

Erin has been keeping me company for most of the week. I really needed her today when I was looking for a particular photo of Davis and Robbie for The Report. She had a great head for that sort of detail and over the years I just used her as an extra memory card. Now that I have lost my memory card, I have to do manual backups on everything.

For your planning purposes, locals should note that her friends have planned the following event at Relay for Life, one week from today (Thank you Jennifer for organizing this memorial!):

A Lap to Honor Erin Buenger

We will have a lap in honor of Erin at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, May 8. We are inviting all of Erin's family and friends to join us in a lap at Relay to celebrate her life and remember her. We know Erin loved green - so be sure and wear your green for her!

FErin's Lap - Relay For Life will be held at Bryan High School's Merrill Green Stadium (a.k.a. Viking Stadium). Everyone that wants to participate in Erin's lap should gather at the Field House at 8:15. We will take our lap at 8:30.

Please note: this lap won't officially be announced. So, we need to spread the word and let everyone that might want to participate know that we are doing this. Then, just gather at the Field House around 8:15. We'll take our lap for Erin at 8:30. See you then!!


  1. Today I was getting a drink at McDonald's and I saw the Ronald McDonald jar. I had two extra dollars left over, and I almost didn't bother. But then I thought of "Doing" something, so for Erin I put in two dollars. It's not much, but it was inspired by Erin.
    Praying for you every night.

  2. Vickie,

    Do you have a team at Relay for Life?

    Melanie & Lindsey

  3. I am still checking this blog almost every day. Guess that means I am still thinking about you a lot. Looking forward to the Friday night Erin walk. Available for beading the second school is out on the 22nd. Also available for conversation or just hanging out. Any time.