Friday, May 8, 2009


May 8, 2009

Relay for Life. We will join the hundreds (thousands?) of good folks from the Brazos Valley who will gather tonight at the high school stadium to honor and remember their friends and family members who have had cancer.

Some of our friends organized a special memorial for Erin. Here's the way they put it on Facebook:

We will have a lap in honor of Erin at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, May 8. We are inviting all of Erin's family and friends to join us in a lap at Relay to celebrate her life and remember her. We know Erin loved green - so be sure and wear your green for her!

Everyone that wants to participate in Erin's lap should gather at the Field House at 8:15. We will take our lap at 8:30.

Please note: this lap won't officially be announced. So, we need to spread the word and let everyone that might want to participate know that we are doing this. Then, just gather at the Field House around 8:15. We'll take our lap for Erin at 8:30. See you then!!

I don't know if Walter and I would have made it out to Relay this year, but not for this special gathering of Erin fans. As it is, I will bring a handkerchief or two or six. The year that Erin was the honorary co-chair, and every year after that we attended, she would start off with the other survivors for the opening lap, but unlike everyone else, she and Nico would run the survivors lap. Every year she ran or walked 20 or more laps (depending on how long I would let her stay). Even the year I let her get up to 26 laps (six and a half miles), I had to force her, under duress, to get in the car and go home to bed. If you are a local, consider this your invitation to join us tonight to celebrate and remember the spirit of Erin and all of those dear to us who have faced cancer.

Here's Erin her first year at relay with my nephew Mark who survives lymphoma.


  1. I will be there - but not in green. Instead, I'll be wearing my purple "Erin's Team" shirt. I think she would forgive me my color choice! Purple is always the color I think of when I picture her. She was so adamant that year that we have purple shirts - and had to pick exactly the right shade of purple herself. When one of the boys in our class expressed a desire for a different color, Jackson made sure that the child knew that real men wear purple. And that was all it took - the purple Erin's Team shirts were designed, and became a hit!


  2. Jenifer,

    I too will be in my Erin's Group shirt. For exactly the same reasons. You know as well as I do that Erin's favorite color was "all of them" as long as they were bright.


  3. I wish I could be there. I am one of the 1,000's of Erin Fan's. I am so glad you have decided to keep her blog going. As others have said in their comments, you too are the reason we read this blog. One of my friends told me a long time ago to check out Erin's blog b/c her mom was hilarious. And she was right. What an inspiration you are to all us other mom's. What a Great place heaven is now w/ Erin there. My heart still aches for you and your family. I never knew I could care so much for someone I really never even knew. May God Bless you and your family.

  4. Hi Vickie!

    OTH is One Tree Hill. A show on the CW (channel 11 in NY). It's a drama series. I love it. It's not high quality TV or anything intelectual.

    As for the music, I think you'd like From Where You are by Lifehouse. It's the song I listen to most when I am looking at the sky and remembering my brother.

  5. Emma and I will be there, if not in green, then at least in spirit. We miss you and love you all.

  6. I wish i could be there tonight to honor erin more than anything, not a day goes by that i don't think about her. I love/miss you all and pray for you everyday.

    Love always, annabelle

  7. Hey - thinking about your Erin Lap tonight. I hope it was really really great. wish we could have all joined you.
    Instead, I was sitting in a parent meeting for competitive soccer. Looks like we're going for it.
    I think they said we may have occasional travel to College Station! I'll let you know as soon as we get a schedule. August???
    Lots of Love! how many laps did you WALK?

  8. What an honor to be included as one of the many Erin lappers Friday night. Abby went straight to the stadium after her 8th Grade dance and Aaron wasted no time getting from the ballpark to Relay after his baseball game. We met up in time for the luminaries and put in a good 5 miles.

    Keep the faith.