Thursday, July 2, 2009


July 2, 2009

Lest you wondered whether I would have enough room to store all the lanyards that Friends of Erin have made on the four Fridays we have met this summer, worry no longer. My California sister-in-law texted me Sunday night.

Quin: How many lanyards do you have in stock?

Vickie: About 50.

Quin: What about necklaces and eyeglasses chains?

Vickie: A few of each.

Quin: Overnight all please.

And the people exclaimed, "Wow!"

This was just days after Elaine had returned from Mo Ranch, having taken about 15 lanyards and returned with one and a big pile of donations. So, stocks depleted, we have to have another push. Luckily, a goodly number of folks have Friday off this week, and what better way to warm yourself up for a three-day weekend and big Independence Day celebrations, than to squint and work your fingers to the bone stringing beads? (NOTE BENE: I do offer refreshments and lively wit in exchange for labor. Apparently, those inducements are enough to prompt a dozen novice lanyarders (?) to commit to dropping by tomorrow. And the people exclaimed, "Wow!" )

I have also had equally good fortune collecting your responses to Erin's health insurance questionnaire. As of this morning 101 kind friends have taken the time to tell me their experiences and opinions about health insurance (And the people exclaimed, "Wow!"). I want to begin compiling the responses, but I also know several of you have just not had time to click on the link on the left side bar yet. I will leave the survey open until the 10th, just for you. I'd sure like to know what happened in your family if you ever had to go without insurance, even for a short while.

On other fronts, I finished reviewing the book manuscript for Texas A&M University Press I had worked on since our DC/New York trip. And Mary Lenn exclaimed, "Wow!"

I hope the people have not exclaimed themselves into a pile of limp rags, because I have one more for you.

You know that Erin loved to sing even though I think it would be kind to say that singing wasn't her most well-developed gift. She sang in the BISD Honor choir, always starred enthusiastically as a member of the chorus at Creative Arts Camp (front row, second from the left), and
played Queen Jezebel in our church's musical production of Elijah (if you fast forward the video to about 30 seconds in you can hear her in action).

Why bring this up now? Another fine thing has happened that lets the ripples created by Erin's short, but powerful life continue to spread. We had a meeting with the music director at a local church this week (not our church, and not even a church that we had ever visited), who wanted our permission to commission a chorale work and dedicate it to Erin. Mark your calenders. The world premier performance of what right now is known as The Erin Anthem (but which, will no doubt have a fancier title by then) will occur at A&M First United Methodist Church in College Station on January 24, 2010. Everyone is invited.

And the people exclaimed, "Wow!"


  1. yep yep. that little girl of yours was amazing. what a blessing to you that her spirit continues on. since i've not lost anyone close i simply don't know - i just hope that all of this honoring of her spirit brings you peace in your grieving and doesn't make it worse.

    btw, mo ranch sounds like a lovely place. i hope that at some point i get to retreat there.

  2. WOW! And Double WOW!

    I'm hoping to join the novice beaders tomorrow.

    Ann Marie

  3. Lots of wows from Minnesota too. Wish I could join your lanyarders, but I'll thank them from afar. Keep on making verbs sing. Jane

  4. Lots of wows from Minnesota too. Wish I could join your lanyarders, but I'll thank them from afar. Keep on making verbs sing. Jane

  5. How AWESOME! WOW!

  6. I can't think of a better title than The Erin Anthem. Can't wait to memorize it! Happy 4th - I know this was a special holiday for Erin so thinking of you and Walter today while remembering your verb girl (ie, more so than usual).

  7. Hi VB,
    I'm getting double wows out of not only your post, but your comment on Hans Journey. $1500 is a very impressive return on 50 lanyards. I was cringeing thinking of you overnighting all of those! And, wow, I'm even more impressed that you are back up to 50. Your cup overfloweth. (at least in some ways... and how could it not, when we are asked to bead in honor of that little firecracker of yours!)
    We are trying to just make it to fifty, and that includes what Carmen and I already had on hand! I'll text you if it's good news, but if it isn't, I might just have to call ya. So, set aside a few minutes for talking me down on Monday, if necessary!

    xoxo, lara

  8. The lanyards that the Friends of Erin made were beautiful!!! They flew from the table as the hottest, most trendy item ever!! And now they reside in CA, MI, WA, Iowa, and other parts of TX. My friends in Education Through Music are most generous, and I am very grateful to have spent an entire week singing with them and sharing the joy of gathering with friends who are also family!!

  9. Quin,

    You are powerfully fortunate to have such great friends, colleagues, and extended family. You all (or perhaps as I should write "ya'll) make my heart joyful to the point of soaring. Thank you to Erin Friends in new places!