Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Move (at the Speed of Erin)

July 15, 2009

I don't feel like I have given too much to Erin fans lately. I have had short fuses on a variety of items in my in-baskets late, and a drop-dead deadline of next Monday, when Walter and I leave for vacation to New York and Boston. I always tell my students about how energizing deadlines are. Now I can testify to that truth.

I dropped 60 Erin Dream Lanyards off with Tracy this afternoon to take to Chicago for the CNCF Conference this weekend. I hope everyone has a great time. Jen, perhaps you can find some trouble even if Ellen and Shannon can't attend. If you can't find trouble, I'll bet you can find a lanyard!

I finished the rough draft of the Erin Dream Lanyard how-to powerpoint to send to Kristen for her upcoming 160-person lanyard workshop, and all the wire/lanyard hook starts. I still have to order and ship about 2000+ grams of beads.

I made it over the hump at Discovery Canyon vacation Bible school. I am Elaine's lackey in the storytelling room, and exhausted just thinking about it.

I started compiling the results of my health insurance research.

I have taken two loads of garage sale items to the church for the August 1 benefit to furnish a room in the new Twin City Mission's building. Do you have items to donate?

I lobbied my Congressman about appropriations for the Childhood Cancer Registry database.

I worked out with Erin's old soccer team last night.

I went to Han's birthday at Pump It Up in The Woodlands on Monday.

I used up all the tomatoes populating my counter tops by making spaghetti sauce last night and invited company over tonight to finish it off.

I didn't really mean to post this, because I have an exceptionally interesting observation to make about cilantro, but that will have to wait until another day.


  1. I can't wait to hear what you have to say about cilantro. I am sitting here in Houston, just all ears...

  2. Hey VB --

    I have no real use under any scenario I could imagine under even the most absurd circumstances for a lanyard. However, I wanted to suggest a line of 'manly' colored lanyard lengthy 'chains' and/or bracelets that could be 'marketed' to men.

    I'd wear one if it was 'tough' know, maybe brown. Also, perhaps you could have an option that intead of a lanyard to hold an id badge at the end it in fact held a bottle opener know...soda.

    Not sure that promoting the opening of bottles is where you want to go with this....but I figured 'manly' necklaces/bracelets and lanyard bottle openers in tough colors may expand you potential pool of buyers. Dina would stab me to death with a pencil if I started wearing a bottle opener but sign me up for a 'man chain'. I'd be honored to wear it every day to remind me of Erin...and to live each day the way I hope to when I leave my bed every morning.

    Note: It was only later in life that I realized Cool Hand Luke wore a chain around his neck with a bottle openener on it (as did one of the characters in Animal House). had I known this at 18 I can assure you I'd have worn one for the next 7 years or so....and yes, perhaps I do have some issues ...

    Hope to catch up in Boston...

  3. There are 2 kinds of people in this world: People who like cilantro. And people who HATE it. My friend is a bio major and she said some people are born with some taste receptor that makes cilantro taste like soap...I thought that was interesting and one of the funniest things i have ever heard...I am of the variety that HATES cilantro although I have to say it has never tasted like soap to me...

  4. Pat,

    I could never conceive of you wearing lanyard either. In fact, many men feel exactly the same way. That's why we designed the "Manyard" for manly men. These have been quite popular. We make them in a variety of color combinations (oddly enough, they either tend to match sport teams--this summer Sox red and white are quite popular--or beer labels). I did not think to add a soda opener, but will keep that in mind, and of course give you proper credit, when we incorporate it into the design.


  5. Everytime I heard "Manyard" I crack up... pure genius! Not to worry Will's Dad - we will definitely be helping with stocking Vickie up with a few Manyards!!

  6. I am very excited that we are working with you to make Lanyards! I know our Leaders are going to love making them too!! I am so happy we are able to help out! :)