Monday, October 5, 2009


October 5, 2009

So, how do you equip yourself when you walk your dog(s)? A leash? Probably. Non-skid shoes? Possibly.

Willie and Teddy took me up behind the pond to Willie's Wilderness Wonderland after work this evening. We had about four inches of rain this weekend so I let them off the leashes on the theory that I could follow their tracks if they got out of sight. They immediately got out of sight. I heard them, though, moaning the pathetic whimper of dogs on the trail of SOMETHING IMPORTANT. I tracked them back to the sheds and found Willie scuffling with a 15 foot section of six-inch pipe on top of some piled up telephone poles. He was determined not to let the pipe get the better of him.

He was absolutely certain that the pipe contained a critter.

I could not convince him otherwise.

I picked up one end of the pipe and raised it as high above my head as I could. Nothing came sliding out. I let that end down and walked over to the end that Willie was bothering over, shooed him off, and lifted that end. Again, nothing.

As I was lowering it, though, I heard gentle scrabbling, as if something in the pipe was trying to gain its footing. I positioned myself to take a look. Just as I brought the pipe to my face, Willie rammed up against the other end, jamming the end of the pipe against that soft spot between my chin and my teeth, right below my lower lip. Much to Willie's dismay, in his moment of triumph, I dropped the pipe, snapped the leash on him, and dragged him home to investigate the damage.

Note to self:

Add to dog walk equipment list: one rubber mouth guard to protect teeth.


  1. Priceless!!! I can just see it !! Sorry but I did laugh.

  2. Oh man! I hope you are ok! And I am sorry as well because, like Mayada, I laughed a bit... But just remember, I was laughing WITH you not at you! :)


    I am a CA (RA) for my dorm this year and for one of my programs I would love to try to make Erin's lanyards. What do you think? Could you give me any information I would need to know?

  3. Umm...chuckling over here.. but would be cursing mightily if it were me. Here's one for you.. walking MY dogs the other morning, around pond, BIG BEN doesn't like water or mud. Wouldn't go over the five inch wide, one inch deep trickle of a stream that would bring us full circle around the pond and home.. would..not..cross. I insisted. and INSISTED.. for longer than it would have taken to walk back around the pond the other way.... until he pulled back and lept so hard that we landed IN IT...covered in mud and muck that I thought wasn't possible for a five inch wide stream to produce. Had to change all my clothes when I got home. the DOG is wider than the stream. *sigh*. Big Baby is more like it.

  4. Dear Vicki, What a dog walking story!! So glad you're out there walking, despite the dangers! My dog "Latte" and I were out Tues. morn watching a couple of ballosns come down on the golf course, (International Balloon Fiesta here) no barking, a great deal of curiousity; and going up and sniffing people and then the folding down balloon and then all of a sudden he went ballistic over a little girl jumping up and down with excitement over the next, big balloon landing! No telling dogs!! Vickie, you and Walter will have to come out and see the Balloon Fiesta!! It is quite an exhilerating and beautiful sight! Also, wanted to tell you that I get so many compliments on my beautiful handmade lanyard that I want to direct people to your site so that they can order one or many themselves! Should I or is there a more direct way?? I'm ready for a glasses lanyard myself! So glad you went down to Lara's Lanyard party! Those "Erin Lanyards" are so pretty and unique!!--a beautiful tribute to Erin!
    Love, Sara "Sam's Gram"