Saturday, December 19, 2009

Creep Out

December 19, 2009

One of the ways that I have filled my extra time--since I don't have to spend insufferable hours in clinic or in Houston traffic or even quite pleasant hours carting Erin to her many activities--is by keeping up with the news more. I read the New York Times fairly often. I watch the Rachel Maddow Show when dinner doesn't get pushed back too late. I fill at least part of my drive time listening to POTUS and C-SPAN on the satellite radio.

I think I've just creeped myself out.

I was reading Gail Collins Saturday column in the Times. I really like Gail Collins because she makes fun of ridiculous (I could say redunkulous here, because I looked it up in the urban dictionary yesterday, and I think I have the usage correct) things in a funny, but not really overtly mean way. I try to channel her when I post to Let's Do It!

Anyway, after talking about Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson, Collins posed this question:

"People, when did it become necessary for average, conscientious-but-not-fanatic citizens to know the names of so many senators? There was probably a time when you thought “Max Baucus” was a brand of sausage."

So what did I do? Before I even finished reading her column?

I googled "US Senators" and found a link to this alphabetical list of our current Senators. I scrolled down and to my horror, she was right. I knew them. I knew which ones were Blue Dogs. I knew many of their home states. I could visualize their PR headshots. If hard pressed I could probably name a third of them with no visual prompt and only a sound clip as a clue (if you want to learn how to do this at home, start with South Carolina's Lindsey Graham).

This new found, but questionable knowledge came accidentally. This was not like the time I was in high school and thought I needed to improve my understanding of the world, so I got a bound notebook and started taking notes every afternoon when I scoured the Houston Post.

I guess I knew I had a problem over Thanksgiving when Davis asked me which Senator I thought was "Hot" and I didn't draw a blank. No one had to explain to me the irony in this post by Paul Krugman:, as I already could recognize the House Minority Leader and knew that he had a killer tan.

I'll stop here. If I have creeped myself out, I know I have creeped you out, too.

On a more regular note, I want to let you know that Erin's Dream Lanyards has raised at least $24,000 that I can track. This doesn't include donations made directly on line or through a variety of folks that have set up their own lanyard operations. Thank you for all of your support to help fund a cure.

I also want you to stay tuned. Nico performed at the Organ Guild Advent recital on Thursday. If he missed a single note, stop, or pedal during any of the numbers, I couldn't tell. He is truly amazing and is currently my favorite musician. I'm waiting on Mark and Elaine for the video of the performance which I will post as soon as I get it.

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