Wednesday, December 16, 2009


December 16, 2009

You know I don't have too much time to dawdle around the internet. I do keep track of friends who blog, using my google feed reader. I will also look at the newspaper online. Beyond that, I'm pretty tied up with other stuff. I did however stumble across the website called My sister and I get a big laugh out of dropping by the site from time to time, mainly because everyone in the photos are so absolutely awkward, and they are actually submitted by the families that are shown (or at least some, possibly devious, family member). Here are two fan favorites:

This one is called Eye Contact. Make sure you look for Aunt Telcia!

The second one doesn't need a title (only a warning for the easily disturbed):

Most of the entries aren't quite as, how can I put this delicately? Loony. And many just reflect the times they were shot (lots of leisure suits, Dorothy Hamil wedges, and guy hair hats).

When Kat was here for Thanksgiving, she spent quite a number of hours, culling through our old family photos, looking for shots that would qualify as "Awkward." Since we are an exceptionally photogenic family, she could only find about sixty-eight or seventy that we could use. I picked six, so I wouldn't bore you, but let me know if you would like me to share more:

What's worse, the look on "Santa's" face or my fashionable fringed, faux-leather vest?

No commentary needed.

Most of Elisabeth's teen photos come with the crossed-arms, glare pose.

And people really did wear their hair this way.
And not just for Easter.

Feel free to click on the shot for the full look at the glare and the hair.

Taken right after the seagull stunt double flew off for a break.

The sun is so intense on Texas beaches, we often have to wear two hats.

That time in my life when I was mom to a tribe of Elfin children.
(And a rare archival photo that catches Erin not smiling.)


  1. Oh Vickie, this is a wonderful post, and boy I needed the laugh tonight.

  2. HAHAHAHHA -Nothing beats the santa and fringe vest! I would love to see more.

  3. You got me going with this one, I left you a little present on my blog page :-)

    And I would have given my prized breyer horse collection for that vest.

  4. These are GREAT!! I love arm crossed hairy eyeball stare...

  5. The Santa pic! The vest, the fringe, but most of all, the little girl dressed in purple with her pants pulled up past her nipples, bahahaha!

  6. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it