Friday, December 4, 2009


December 4, 2009

I performed last night with Emily Pulley!

On Tuesday, she was trying to make ends meet by singing a gig in New York at Carnegie-something-or-other (I know Andrew Carnegie was a steel baron, but I don't think she sang at a steel mill.).  She made it into the microplex last night to join me (and a few others) as we cracked open our Christmas crackers, claimed our crowns, joke sheets, and whistles and performed several stunning renditions of Christmas tunes with the Whistle-Blowers Assemble.  I dueted as whistle number 1.  Emily blended in at the number 4 whistle, and Walter jammed on number 5.  (Bob or Dorothy, if you can email one of the pictures you took, I will insert it here, hint, hint).  I'm pretty sure the world isn't ready for our version of "Jingle Bells," and I am absolutely, positively certain it is not ready for our "Ding Dong, Merrily on High." (At the risk of looking stupid, I encourage you to click on the photo and see all the delightful details.)

Seriously, for my less opera-y friends, here's what Fanfare says about her:  "Emily Pulley's radiant voice and electrifying acting have won her acclaim across the country."  And she really did perform at Carnegie Hall on Tuesday night.  Read more about her here.  

We really enjoyed kicking off the holiday season (which promises to be a land mine field of sudden, stifled tears mixed with joyful memories) with dear friends, and I can't actually describe how wonderful it was to sit in the Anderson's home listening to someone sing who has such range and power.  


  1. What a fun evening!

    Have you chosen your "location" yet?

  2. I felt your excitement in this post! Glad you had an awesome time! Video??

    Shea VB

  3. Hi again - do you have the star coordinates? Mickey will put that on the silver... you can give them to me or leave a comment on her blog with them. She would love to have this for you for Christmas delivery.

    Just google nicholas landon jewelry or e-mail to me