Friday, April 9, 2010


April 9, 2010

If you hadn't already chosen your verb today, don't put it off any longer. Do something you have been wanting to do. Make something you have put off making. Go. Share. Play. Work. Write. Paint. Sing. Dance. Run. Read. Teach. Coach.

Activate yourself. Don't put it off.
Do it!


Lanyard Workshop: This afternoon, 4-7, at my house. Come and make beaded lanyards to raise money for pediatric cancer research.

Garage Sale to help fund the Erin Buenger Memorial Scholarship: April 24 at Jane Long Middle School. Call or email ( me or leave me a message to arrange pick up for your donated items.

Relay for Life (May 7) At least three teams are walking in Erin's honor. Join one or start your own.

Donate to Erin's Dream Lanyards, CNCF, or the Let's Do It! Fund at First Presbyterian Church of Bryan or any cause that is close to your heart!


  1. Hi Vickie,
    Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you! I am doing something today - I am going to Anthony's school to "sell" lanyards for the CNCF!

    Take care, Charon

  2. Vickie,

    You are in my thoughts and prayers most especially today. Erin is always in my heart. And so are you.

    My verb for today is LOVE. I will be sure to love a lot today. In honor of Erin and her great heart.

    Many, many hugs and loads and loads of love,

  3. My verb is REMEMBER. I will remember a spunky, red-haired girl that I knew only via the internet. She was so special that she touched me from afar and I will never forget her. Thinking of you today with love.

  4. My verb is celebrate. I will celebrate a life well-lived. Erin made the most of every moment.

  5. Thinking about you today..

  6. THANK - God for the time we had with Max, for Erin's gift to the world and meeting you through her, for the Lacey's, Ludwinski's, Trans', Hutchison's, Brunskow's, London's, Kennedy's, Sholler's... the list goes on.
    SHED - that which is unimportant: how clean my car is, what Brad and Angelina are up to...
    FOCUS - on what is important: family, the search for a cure.
    REMEMBER - that there are more people that made this world a better place by being significant rather than successful.
    THINK - of others instead of myself.

  7. Vickie,
    You are in my thoughts today. My verb today is LOVE. I will make an extra effort today to let those around me know that I love and appreciate them. I will do this with Erin on my mind and in my heart.
    It is hard to believe how many years have passed since we were pacing the floors of the BMT unit together.
    Lisa Csikos

  8. Vickie,
    Thinking of you with great tenderness today, more than usual.

  9. Vickie,

    Thinking of you and your family today. Every day when I sit at my desk, I see the 2 cute photos of Erin that arrived with my lanyard order last summer. Some days these pictures make realize how small my problems are in comparison to others, or make me reflect on how much I have to be grateful for. But one thing is for sure: that dynamic grin of hers, that pleasantly greets me every morning,never fails to make me smile in return. So my word for the day is inspire. I hope I can inspire others in many of the same ways that Erin has inspired me.


  10. Thinking of you today. I read your spoiler yesterday and I completely agree. Our ending came out all wrong. I keep trying to rewrite the beginning so that Sam and Erin and all NB kids never had Cancer -Voldemort never turned evil. But it can't be done so instead I will try to activate in some more positive manner.


  11. Vickie, I had a bad day today, just the dull kind where everything seems to be fighting you... and then I came to your blog, and saw Erin's many smiling faces and the message. The message.

    And so, I'm smiling now, and this day was not so bad afterall.

    Thank you.

  12. Hi Vickie:

    I found your blog on Friday through my daughter Olivia. It truly touched me. Its been with me all weekend and I keep thinking I want to do something to honor Erin's struggle as well as those of so many other children.

    I am the faculty coordinator for our student council in a middle school in NYC. We have a very talented and diverse population and the members usually get ultra bored by this time of the year. I would love to have them participate in Erin's lanyard project and help raise funds for such an important cause. Can you contact me to discuss this further.

    Your words truly moved me...and I didn't even know who Erin was Friday night..or the significance of the date until I spoke to Olivia. So you see, Erin is still reaching out to people. A true Angel.
    May her spirit and strength continue to embrace us.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Noelia Nunez

  13. Noelia,

    Two things: I admire your daughter greatly and am glad to know her through her blog and through our facebook friendship. You must be so proud of such an accomplished young woman. She has taught me about wonderful skies and shared her love of Manny with me. Second, I will respond to your request by email, but I wanted to let everyone who reads the comments know that, yes, it is entirely possible to get involved with lanyards, even if you have no experience and you live a far distance from Bryan, Texas. There is room for any level of involvement, and when I get a few minutes I will begin an email correspondence with you to teach you how to go forward and show you how I will support you.

    Thanks for making the first move.