Monday, April 19, 2010


April 19, 2010

First, if you haven't visited the Repore in the past twenty-four hours, click over and be amazed.

I had to choose between the soccer team and the chess team on Saturday. Since the chess tournament was a four-hour round trip drive in the rain to Killeen (twelve hours total: 6 to 6), with five rounds of chess and five sixth and seventh grade boys, and soccer was a three-hour round trip drive to Katy for an hour-and-a-half game, with only one seventh grade girl in the car, what do you think I chose? The torture of chess, of course.

The girls won a close one without me (1-0). The boys placed 2nd in the middle school division and both Nico and Nick brought home trophies. [ASIDE: We had a third player player named Nicholas, so we just called the other two Nicky and Nicolin to avoid confusion. By extending this logic, you must know that my name on Saturday was Nictoria.]

I have to say that even though the tourney was the most efficiently run chess tournament I have ever witnessed, I was still exhausted when I got home. But, not as tired as Nico's mom and dad are going to be when they finally escape the Icelandic volcano ash and make it home from London.

This Friday is another wonderful Odd Friday for lanyarding. Please come out and help us fill the orders that are rolling in and get ready for lanyard sales at the Erin Buenger Memorial Scholarship Garage Sale at Jane Long on Saturday (we will continue to accept goods for the garage sale through Friday evening, so you can just drop off your stuff at the school and head over to the house to bead!).

In addition to raising money for the scholarship, Ms. Harris, the principal at Jane Long, gave me permission to set up a Lanyard and Voter Registration Booth. I think Erin would have been all over this project: signing up people to vote, outfitting them in beautiful beaded lanyards, and raising money for two great causes. If you are local and have been wondering what all the fuss about lanyards are, now is you chance to find out.


  1. darn it. all this freaking travelling i'm doing these days. san diego, denver, multiple trips to blacksburg. i wish SOMETHING were in your neck of the woods, on an odd friday so i could come lanyarding. goodness knows i've benefited from y'alls labor, it would be nice to give back.


  2. Vickie,

    One of these days I am going to have to get out to Texas for an Odd Friday workshop.

    I hope this Friday's is a great success!


  3. Me and Devon are most likely coming this Friday:)

  4. You should create "I REGISTERED TO VOTE" badges. The the folks who register & get a lanyard can affix it to their new lanyard AND let everyone know that they are participating in our great democracy!