Wednesday, April 14, 2010


April 14, 2010

Some of you remember my semi-annual excuse for running late with my posts: The burden of November and April can weigh me down: too much grading, too many meetings, long days at work, no time for fun. In fact, some days lately, the only relaxing time I've had is my 6:00 a.m. dog walk with Willie and Teddy.

You may remember I go that early so that I don't have to leash them (no anxious or complaining neighbors patrolling the area before the sun comes up). It gives Willie the freedom that he wouldn't get otherwise and enough exercise so that I don't feel guilty leaving him inside for my whole work day.

If I walked them on leashes, I could cover the distance in just about twenty minutes. It almost always takes longer. . . sometimes much longer. I liken it to playing Candyland (or if you prefer, Willieland).

I may start out with the high hopes that all the cards I draw will have double purple, or if I'm really near the end a double blue, so that I can cover the path really quickly. I may think I'm going to draw the card that sends me directly to Lollipop Woods. I may anticipate landing on the shortcut through Gumdrop Mountain or the entrance to the Rainbow Path that by-passes most of the board. Instead, I get lost near the Tank Farm. I get sidetracked in Bunny Haven. I land on the sticky spot near Willie's Wilderness Wonderland and have to wait several turns before I draw the right-colored card and can move forward again.

So, it takes me twice as long.

I remind myself that to a child, a game lasting twice as long is twice as good, because it's the play that matters. Why would you want it to end too soon?


  1. Vickie,

    Firstly I have to tell you that I love your posts. All of them. Because you write so beautifully and this last one totally wanted me to fish out my candyland (if I even still have it and play>0

    Your post got me to thinking about a book I am reading now called Altars in the World. The chapter I read last night was on reverence. And how so few of us ever slow down to realize the moments we are IN when we're in them. And to really pay reverence to the life, people, things an magic around us. While I have no doubt your reading list is rather long, I highly recommend this book. And I will gladly pas along my copy when I am done!

    Love & hugs,

  2. I love this post! You are right - we want things to end too soon. We have a new young lab (Star) and sometimes she drives me crazy. She is the strongest-willed dog I have ever seen. But then sometimes she can be so darn sweet. Thanks for reminding me to just try and savor the time with her... even when she exasperates me to death! We think of you often and of your sweet Erin. What a blessing she was/is, even to those of us who only "knew" her thru cyberspace. Take care and God bless.