Friday, January 14, 2011


January 14, 2011

I began the day wondering if I was still a virgin. I looked it up on the internet, and I am. 

Walter on the other hand, needs to come out of the closet.  After living under DADT for his entire life, pretending to be something he was not, I discovered today that he was a Sagittarius, not a Capricorn.  I needed to learn what I had gotten myself  into now that Walter's true and essential self had been revealed after all these decades.  I found a description of Sagittarius here.  (Sagittarius is a centaur, definitely not the randy, old goat that he always led me to believe he was.  And how did he trick me for more than a quarter of a century so that I didn't notice he was half man and half horse.  I mean, really?  I couldn't tell the difference between a goat and half a horse?) 

How could I have missed that he was really "blindly optimistic," "careless," "irresponsible," and "jovial?"  You think you know someone, then bang, the astrological calender changes and you find yourself wondering, really wondering.

My mother (and Erin) have become Tauruses (Taurusii?).

Davis is now a bland Pisces.

I can only take comfort that some things remain constant, and yes, I persist as the perpetual virgin.  My only question is how my sister, Katherine, became a virgin after all this time.  


  1. excuse me most amazing vickie.. but pisces aren't bland!

    brook(e). the pisces.

  2. Oh Brooke. You are so right. I'm sorry for dis-sing my Pisces friends. I'm glad you got me straight on their true nature. I knew as soon as I wrote it that I would be insulting somebody I really cared for. It's just that the general descriptions of pisces are so un-Davis!

  3. I am still a Taurus though apparently, the cut off is now May 13 and I also saw that I could be an Arius(sp?). So who knows. I love that Erin is a Taurus now too.

    And now I can admit that I really don't believe any of this but it's fun to think about nonetheless, huh?

  4. A BLAND PISCES!!?!?!?!? I Beg to Differ!! I am a true Pisces in every description I have ever read..but BLAND?... well I THINK I'm a Pisces...maybe I had better consult the new charts. *sigh*

  5. Indeed, I AM a Pisces...still.

    *BLAND* indeed :-)

  6. I can't believe I so easily broke my number one rule of blogging: Do No Harm to My Friends!

    Karen, I can't imagine you bland in any zodialogical (of plain logical) chart. Pardon my slip up!