Sunday, January 30, 2011

Take Care

January 30, 2011

Art Linkletter, who died last year at 97, parlayed a career in radio and early television into something remarkable by focusing on children and their take on the world.

I have a five-year-old friend.  She and her mom had passed some winter germs back and forth, and yesterday was the mother's day to feel poorly.  The little girl had told her dad about her mom's illness on the phone and as they said goodbye, he told her to take care of her mommy and maybe get her some breakfast.

My friend scavenged the kitchen, found a plate, and pulled some items out to make her mom a tidy breakfast.  She carried the plate into her mom's bedroom:  

Poptarts, a banana, and a Bud Light.  That covers the basic food groups for a quick recovery, don't you think?


  1. A nice cold beer always does the trick! ;)

    By the way... I love the picture of Erin in the tube! One of my favorite pictures of her and memory!

  2. LOL.. absolutely. Or... it will relieve you of the rest of the contents that might still be lingering in your stomach and giving you grief.

  3. Vickie -
    I often have this wonderful memory of Erin. I showed up in clinic, and she was sitting in a conference room, waiting for you as you reviewed I think her last set of scans with the doc. When she saw me, her face lit up like the brightest light bulb. I was so touched that she could be so excited to see me! I think she made everyone feel that way!