Thursday, January 13, 2011


January 13, 2011

With only two of five runways open at Logan and scenes like this, I can say with enthusiasm that I'm glad we flew to Boston last Thursday rather than today (Funny how this photo just blends right in the Let's Do It! wallpaper).

In fact, practically everywhere in the country (except here and also where the Tjoelkers are vacationing) has snow.

I guess it doesn't really matter what the weather is like, given how I have had to spend my days since we returned from Boston:  doing the mind-numbing work of migrating all my teaching and personal files to a new server (before class starts next week).  I wish it were as simple as drag and drop or copy and paste.  It actually requires that I rename each file and link individually.

The only thing that has cheered me much is how well Erin's Dream Lanyards has been doing.  We had a very robust holiday season and are preparing to set up tables/booths at four events next month.  We have scheduled a workshop for MLK Day afternoon to build up our stocks.  Come if you can.  I will be the person with the hunched over posture and fingers that looked permanently curled to a keyboard.


  1. You do know you have a snow background going on, right? :-)

    I JUST FOUND THE LANYARDS that we did not sell all boxed and ready to ship back to you...since we closed the store months ago!!! I am embarassed -really thought i mailed this out immediately to you. GOing in the mail tomorrow - so sorry!!


    We have about 30 inches of snow here - you are lucky you headed out before the blizzard.

  2. we just have a constant layer of snow here through the winter. i wish we'd get a foot at a time, or 2 feet.

    and the drudgery.. i'll trade ya - i'll move all your files and you finish this qual section of my dissertation? hahahaha