Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mystic 97 Captures the Bronze

May 18, 2008

Erin's team's roster this spring wasn't large to begin with. Fifteen players dwindled to fourteen when Abigail moved to England for a semester (hurry back, Abigail!) and shrunk a second time when Kaitlyn had an ankle injury that wouldn't improve without complete rest (come back as soon as you can, Kaitlyn!). Then, Marla had a chance to go with her cousin on a make-A-Wish trip, and we all knew that's what she needed to do.

So, the Mystic started the state tournament with twelve (although two actually arrived late, so the first game they began a player down 10 v. 11), including Erin. The first day, she played about fifty out of sixty minutes each game. We beat the number one seed, 2-0, and left so much on the field that we lost our second game to the eventual state champion Lady Rapids from New Braunsfels.

Sydney, already nursing the croup on Saturday ran up a 102 degree fever overnight (get well soon, Syd!) and her mom took her home, leaving us with a squad of eleven (no substitutes) playing against a team with seven extra players. The Stingers scored first, but instead of backing down and feeling sorry for ourselves, we battled back, eventually playing the ball past their keeper and holding on to a tie. I don't know if there is a metaphor here, but find one if you'd like. Here's our Mystic, tired, but happy.

Medical Outlook: Erin started a specialized antibiotic on Friday to combat the main side effect of her new treatment: diarrhea (which I suppose I am going to have to learn how to spell if it's going to become an intimate part of our lives). Tuesday, we will drive to Houston to pick up the irinotecan and temador combo that we hope will bring that tumor to its knees, crying for mercy (at which point we will say, "No, no mercy for NB."). Dr. Russell wants to give the first dose in clinic that day, just to see how Erin tolerates it and to make sure there aren't any unanticipated, wonky side effects. After that she will take three or four temador capsules each morning, wait an hour, then take 3.2 mls of irinotecan mixed in Crangrape juice. Each three-week cycle we will do this for five days in a row, take two days off. Do it for another five days. Then take nine days off. Repeat. We will scan during the sixth week and hope for measured improvement.


  1. Nathan had a LOT of Irino. He never got the bad diarrhea - maybe just a tad and we would dose him preventively with immodium and all was well. So - here's hoping you DON'T need to learn to spell it after all.

  2. Way to go Erin. Sounds like yall had a great weekend and are now ready to get everything kicked off in the clinic on Tue. You are truely amazing and an inspiration to all of us :) so is your mom but we dont want her to get a big head :) Good luck on Tue if I know you you will kick this one more time. See yall soon

  3. I'm so proud of Erin - reminds me of my glory days on the Nuggets- when I was in 4th - 8th grade. We placed in city-wide tournaments - can't imagine the feel of placing in state tournaments!! All I can say is the cliched - You Go Girl! So proud of you.
    If you guys can squeeze in a visit to 916, great - but I know how harried it can be checking into the clinic in a timely fashiong. I think our XRT timeslot is for 12:30...
    Thinking of you...
    Lara and Hans

  4. Awesome Erin! And the metaphor Vicki I think you should hang on to...

    What's the other a-d (anti-you-know-what) Erin is going to be taking? Suprax? If so, combined with the immodium and NO carne asada burritos from the local taco shop, proved to work for Max. 'Course as cancer parents we could go on for days talking about our kid's poop but I'll stop there... hoping for great results from the oral combo!

  5. Thoughts and prayers for Erin. She's so beautiful, love looking at her photos, especially the big smiles.