Saturday, May 24, 2008


May 24, 2008

I'm on a public computer at the Courtyard Marriott, but didn't want to leave you hanging. Erin finished the first five days of The Rhino with practically no problems (I can report one hour of diarrhea and discomfort on Thursday evening, brought to heel by Imodium, but so far that's it.). We get a two day break on the setting-the-alarm-to-give-meds routine and then do irinotecan alone next week (no temador). We'll see how the counts hold when we go to Houston on Tuesday.

Nothing wrong with my van that $1100 wouldn't fix, so I have new valve springs, a re-compressed valve, and thrown in for fun, new brakes. Hey if you want to go, you have to be able to stop.

The Mystic '97 have played at a high level this weekend, but have ended up with two ties. Given the evenness of the talent pool, we are still vying for a spot in the semi-finals. For Erin fans, you will be excited to know that we believe the chemo has helped. I actually saw Erin running the field, filling her lane, with her old stride and pace this morning. You can not imagine how that makes Walter and I feel.


  1. Hurray for the Mystic '97 and, in this context, hurray for the chemo! I'm very very glad to hear that you're already noticing improvement. Here's to continued success for the girls in the march to a state about HUGS for all??? That should do the the very least HUGS for the Buengers....

  2. HI glad to hear that Erin is feeling so good ans that things seam to be getting back to normal or as normal can be. Hope all it wel this morning in clinic. Way to go on your soccer tourn. See yall soon
    Tracy Ash