Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gift Girls

October 7, 2008

Look at these dolled up girls who gave up their birthday largess to the children on the hem-onc floor at Texas Children's.

Their mom said that they were sort of shy about their golden deed and wouldn't actually walk into a patient room and give out the gifts themselves until they got to Erin's room. Erin's humongous smile and warm welcome broke the ice for them.

Erin and Walter were whipped by the time they made it home last night. It felt a little cruel to roust Erin out for school this morning, but that's what she wanted. She said she needed to get to school because she had to turn in her application to run for Student Council Treasurer (6th graders aren't eligible for President and Vice President) by 4:00 this afternoon. One question on the application asked about the student's extra curricular activities and how well they manage their time and holdup their responsibilities. Erin asked me if she could answer that her theme song was "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead."

After school we'll go to University Pediatrics for the double whammy: Erin's neulasta injection to pump up her white blood count and ANC (essential for a quick recovery from chemo and to lower the risk of infections) AND her annual flu shot. Woohoo! Luckily, her nurse Beverly is the absolute, hands-down, bar-none fastest shot giver I have ever encountered. It's over before you even start to protest that it hurts.

P.S. Notice how bare the room is. You get much less decorating done if you only check in for the afternoon.


  1. What lovely girls - how sweet - Jr. jr. leaugers.

    Go, Erin. Treasurer, here you come.

    I think our Hans operates by quite a different philosophy altogether!

  2. What a cute picture of all those girls! Erin's smile says it all. Happy you met my friend, Lisa (aka Stalker), and her daughter. They have been a great support to our family these past three years. Hope Erin's week goes well.

    Charon Edgington