Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Think That Girl Is Sick

October 2, 2008 (2nd post of the day)

I forgot to mention a moment we had at the zoo.  We were looking at the ring-tailed lemurs and visiting with a mom who had three children--a pre-school boy and a a couple of little girls, probably kindergarten and first grade.  We had exchanged pleasantries and learned some trivial things about their family.  Erin turned her attention to getting the details from the signage, and I started mentally drifting, completely enjoying the lovely afternoon and our liberation from clinic. 

My ear perked up when the oldest girl said something to the mom like, "I think that girl is sick."  I looked over at Erin, who had shed her hat in an attempt to let the sun filtering through the trees do something about her very white pate.  I thought, "uh oh.  What's the mom going to say?"  The mom looked uncomfortable and searched for the right words.  Before she had formed any words, the girl piped up again, "Does she have chicken pox or something?"  The mom's expression changed from uncomfortable to confused.  The girl followed up, "Aren't those chicken pox all over her face?"  The mom's face brighten, "No, Bella.  She's not sick.  Those are freckles.  Sometimes angels kiss people and leave freckles."

I'm not sure what that comment teaches Bella about healthcare, but it was a profound lesson for us all.


  1. HI guys hope that all is well in clinic today and that you get out early and out before Friday afternoon traffic. We are thinking of you guys see ya soon.
    Tracy Ash

  2. Fun to hang with you up in clinic!
    Lara and Hans...

  3. Hey...
    Hope Erins doing good, and going threw chemo like the star she is...
    I personaly love the angel kisses that Erin has, it just makes he a whole lot special!
    Love from Brasil,
    Talita Caleb mom

  4. Freckles are all the rage this summer! All the cool kids are doing it!! I happen to be covered with freckles, and think there is nothing better. Way to go Erin! Bald, and freckled...there is nothing more beautiful!!
    Sending good vibes your way...


  5. I keep coming back by for the scoop - hope you got a room in a timely fashion and will soon be back on the road to Bryan.