Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Amazing Teddy Show

October 12, 2008

It's pretty painful to watch Erin's energy level stay down in the dumps so that she can't do the things that she loves. S
ince she didn't feel up to the activities we had planned, she has had to make her own fun this weekend,

In this short clip, Erin provides the hydraulics for Teddy's Low Rider machine. For those of you who have missed out on this car phenomenon, people rebuild their production cars by adding hydraulics so the rear, side, or front of the car so the car can lifts itself into the air while driving.


  1. Erin should try out Connor's been playing it all weekend long. Maybe it would help keep the boredom at bay until she's back to her usual dynamic self.

  2. I finally got to a computer with sound so I could watch this.
    Cute, Erin and teddy! Cute!