Sunday, November 23, 2008

All A's Again

November 23, 2008

I forgot to mention when I updated on Friday (I guess it was the euphoria of a night off the Erin Watch), that Erin held it together again this six weeks for an all-A report card. Attending the award ceremony on Thursday was one of the most normal days Walter and I have had in a long while, and we certainly enjoyed seeing many of our usual parent buddies at the ceremony.

I'm also pleased to report that, while we got four phone calls from Austin between Friday and Saturday afternoon, all of them said the equivalent of "I'm having fun. I feel fine. NO! DON'T COME GET ME." Mostly she reported on the dance and the six sessions she attended to learn how to make her school a better place to learn.

On another improving front (you'll note here I'm trying to put a good spin on what I'm about to write), Erin managed to spend $36 for three meals, one of which was at a mall food court and another was at a Denny's. This is only exciting because I don't think she's eaten $36 dollars worth of food since I posted on November 2 (Even People with Cancer Get Sick). She probably didn't eat everything she bought, but she was definitely channeling the desire to eat.

This is how she looked about an hour after getting back from Austin:

Tired, but happy, and Willie and Teddy didn't mind a bit.

The only thing that sparked her back up for the evening was mention of a trip to Gina's Restaurant. I have to tell you that Gina's has weighed on Erin's mind lately. The crowds there have thinned since it opened earlier this year, and Erin is worried that if things don't pick up her favorite place in the world to eat will close down. It's a little off the beaten path (although conveniently four minutes from our driveway), and Erin hopes that you locals will think of it next time you're hungry for chips and queso, chile rellenos, or her personal favorite avacado taco with shredded chicken. In fact, I am putting this on the home page because it is the third time in a week that she has ask me if I have told her internet friends to eat at Gina's, so here's the address: 1416 Groesbeck, Bryan AND the phone number: 822-1254 AND a link to the mapquest map. Here's proof that going to Gina's will cure what ails you (post-Gina's photo):

And on that note, I will remind you of another thing you can do to make our Erin smile. Click on this link and follow the instructions to Join The Erin Project! So far, we have over fifty Erin fans willing to publicly demonstrate their love and support. I haven't finished the website, but I have made a substantial effort. You can visit the work in progress at If you would like to add anything to your already submitted information, you can send me an email ( or just leave a comment your entry on the project page. I think you will find browsing The Erin Project more affirming and uplifting than most anything you've done in quite a while.


  1. HI guys I am so glad that you are feeling so good and back to your old self. Congrats on the grades that is wonderful you are a true insperation to us all!!!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving I will talk to yur mom after the holiday crazyness is over. :) Send prayers always
    Tracy Ash

  2. The Erin Project website looks great so far!! So glad that Erin had a great time in Austin! When I was in high school I attended something similar- we had a dance and went to lots of workshops, etc. It was fun! Keep up the great work, Erin!

    -Kristen Smith

  3. That's our girl! And she is adorable snoozing with the dog. A fine looking pooch, I might add. Happy to hear all went well.

    Peace be

  4. I've added 2 things to my to-do list - Eat @ Gina's (avacado, chicken and cheese, what's not to love?!) & submit my Erin Project entry. Although, it will be hard to beat all the wonderful things everyone has had to say about you.
    Glad you guys are doing well, and we hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!