Sunday, November 2, 2008

Even People with Cancer Get Sick

November 2, 2008

Erin had a good evening on Halloween trick or treating with Nico, Adam, Jesse, and Ian. They managed about two-and-a-half hours of door-to-door. They got on such a roll that they never made it to the haunted house, which was definitely okay by me.

She told the people at the houses she visited that she was a gypsy, but she really conceived her outfit as Angela, the Herbalist from the Eregon series.

Despite hiking around the Tjoelker's neighborhood on Friday night, Erin managed to summon enough energy to really enjoy the Aggie's win over Colorado with her buddies Chet Edwards and Aaron Wunneburger. What a special treat!

The fun stopped pretty soon after she got home after the game, starting with the worsening of the chemo-induced constipation (which explains the back pain I reported a couple of days ago). Things went from sort of bad to sort of worse some time during the night with the onset of a stomach virus, including copious amounts of vomit. This is not a picture of Erin, but it looks quite similar to her in the early hours of the morning (talk about disappointed expectations for "Falling Back").

After a full day of feeling puny, Erin seems to be doing a bit better this evening. She has held down some sips of ginger ale and is watching The Witches of Waverly Place on television while I do this update. This beats the rest of the day where her aching self hasn't gotten much rest. When I add that to the news that she hasn't developed a fever yet (fingers crossed; thumbs pushed) AND Dr. Russell emailed news that Erin's bone marrow is NEGATIVE for NB according to the biopsy and other tests done on last week's aspirations, we are all feeling much better than we did for the last eighteen hours.

As I explained to Erin, even people with cancer get sick.

This little setback has not derailed next weekend's garage sale. I have a really good collection of stuff on the back porch. If you don't have time to coordinate with me to receive your stuff, just intermingle it with the bags and boxes that are already sitting out. Don't forget to print out your copy of the flyer and share it (click on the box at the top left of the page and you will have a ready-to-print PDF file.


  1. YEAH to negative bone marrow aspiration!! I am so glad Erin got to go trick or treating with her friends. Hope she has a good week and is feeling better.

    Take care, Charon

  2. Yay! is right!
    Too bad she's not feeling great, but, at least she got to trick or treat.
    I think I'm driving over for the next gsale - bringing my car filled with the stuff that didn't sell here. We made $1,700 at the sale in Spring:)

  3. Great news about the negative results! I hope Erin is feeling better soon.

  4. ugh. Sorry about the tummy bug. Hope Erin is feeling better soon. Hurray for negative bone marrow!