Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Postcards from Home

November 18, 2008

Last Friday, when we didn't come home, Luke, Teddy, and Willie sent Erin patient greetings through the Texas Children's Hospital website. Last night, when we were in short (now there's a misnomer if I have ever heard one) stay getting a unit and a half of whole blood, those doggy messages finally caught up with Erin. Here they are, in their original, complete, and unadulterated form:

Dear Mistress,

I think I was bad yesterday. I think I might have had some sort of accident, It's hard to remember when you're as old as I am. Well, it must not have been too bad, because no one fussed at me. I would be glad to see you soon, if I could see better.

Your Oldest Dog,



Dear Mistress Mine,

I've been a good dog while you are gone. Moo left the door to the garbage unhooked yesterday, and I didn't even poke my little nose in it! (I did accidentally turn over two trash baskets; and of course, I had to spread it around a little just to see if there was anything dangerous there). We took a walk this morning and who should I see but that snooty "W." Although, since the election I think he's not so snooty. Actually, I think he was just too embarrassed to speak to us. I'll be glad when you can get home. Maybe we can go for a walk and Moo can show you the nifty-gallifty mushrooms she found.

Your Best Dog,



Dear Mistress,

I was GOOD today!! The Old Woman Next Door let me out this morning while she was fixing our breakfast AND I CAME BACK!! Then, after we ate we went for a walk, There were lots of things to smell, but I didn't see any bunnies. That was probably a good thinG or I might have pulled the Old Woman down the road. I miss you.

Your Worst Dog,


What Willie didn't add to his note was that on Monday, Moo put him on his leash attached to one of the posts on the back porch. When she glanced out to the back yard, she noticed Willie running around still on the leash, pulling the backporch post (4 X 4) behind him. Luckily, the porch has not fallen down yet.

As long as this is a "true confessions" postcard, Walter insisted that I reveal my true character by stating that when Erin bowled a remarkable (for her) score of 118 in the first game on Sunday morning, I was force to throw a spare in the final frame so that I could beat her 125-118. I don't know why he wanted me to tell you that, but he said it would be revealing to our readers.

If you can't tell, we are home tonight and giddy from surviving the last six days of super fun. Erin and Walter will head back to Houston around 1:00 tomorrow for the first zap of radiation. After that, we will just have nine more to go.

Before I sign off, I have to thank and apologize to Mary Ann and Jesse. Thanks for driving in to Houston for the final day of chemo and for bringing us a fine lunch which we enjoyed terrifically AND for the entertainment. Apologies for letting you loose at the crappiest part of the traffic cycle. I made it home by 8:00. I hope you were close behind.

Erin seems to have sloughed off the worst of the pemetrexed side effects and most of the other noise. She is not completely 100%. But who would be after six solid days of torture and menace?

HI to the Mika's who we met but didn't get to spend nearly enough time with. Maybe next time!

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