Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Noise Continues

November 9, 2008

In my last post I mentioned that I was having trouble discerning what, exactly, was going on inside Erin. Five more days have passed, and I still don't have a clear idea. She continues to feel quite tired (lingering virus? chemo side effects? tumor progression? hemoglobin 8.8?). Her back--on the opposite side of where she typically has tumor pain--continues to bother her and she has either tylenol or tylenol 3 in her system a good part of every day (constipation? lingering virus? tumor progression?). . .I have a massage scheduled for Tuesday. Her appetite has dwindled from its usual robust level (chemo side effect? tumor progression? lingering virus?)

Her cough provides some clarity. She coughs like a barking dog, almost positively as a result of seasonal allergies and the Brazos Valley Crud. This no doubt contributes to her aching back and lack of restful sleep. The good news is that we took a chest X-ray on Thursday and it showed clear; no tumor obstruction nor pneumonia. Her counts also held steady, with the exception of the diving hemoglobin mentioned above. On the other hand, her liver function numbers were quite elevated. We'll draw them again tomorrow and see if they have come down any.

Since I last wrote, Erin was in school on Wednesday and Friday and in Houston for clinic on Thursday. We also pulled off a splendid garage sale (despite my complete ignorance and inexperience) to raise money for neuroblastoma research ($1300) thanks to all of you contributors who left great items that were snapped up quickly and to the other women--Tracy, Lara, and Athena--who knew the ropes and handled every contingency.

Thanks also to those of you have gotten around to sending in your material for the Erin Project. We fell wrapped in love and suspended by a giant glittering network of support already. Please continue to send in your material!

I could write loads more, but I don't want to sit at my computer when I could take a sunset walk down the road with Erin. Until next time.

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