Sunday, November 21, 2010

Achieve Fame

November 21, 2010


Walter will guest on Biased Transmissions tonight (Wednesday) at 6 p.m. on 89.1 FM, KEOS.  The topics include:  the use of history and memory in politics and the misrepresentation of history in political rhetoric and the white washing of history.

My mom sent me an email from work last week, asking:  "I didn't know Walter was profiled in Wikipedia, did you?"  I filed this response:  "Well, that's weird" and quicker than Mrs. Bun, I found Walter on Wikipedia and marveled at my charmed fortune to have married someone who became famous enough that students might one day copy and paste (without giving bibliographic credit to the source) about him into a term paper or research report.

This prompted the rest of us to get into the act.  Here is Willie's entry on Walter for Lickipedia:

Teddy is contemplating her entry.  Should she choose Pickipedia (for all the times she wants Walter to pick her up and carry her) or Trickipedia (for the many ways she has tried to trick him into giving her bits of cheese)?

You can find mine on Vickipedia.  There you will learn about Walter Louis Buenger;

 While the wiki world knows him as a scholar and historian, readers of vickipedia recognize him as a connoisseur and expert, 

A sock connoisseur and foot care expert.  Buenger has four drawers full of socks in his home and another ten pairs that he keeps in his locker at the gym.  He is pictured above wearing one of a dozen sets of brown thorlo brand socks.  He is well-known for encouraging others to wear sensible, lace-up shoes (many people think this must provide the secret to our marriage bliss).  He has provided numerous consultation services to youth soccer players on the appropriate footwear for varying field conditions, and no one can speed lace hikers as proficiently as Buenger.

Buenger has also worked as a hat  model:

and as a father/son model for Contrast Catalogue:

Vickipedia also revealed the secret of the drinking straw in the coffee bar area of the Buenger family kitchen.  Sure, many families keep straws around the house for drinking iced beverages when their teeth feel especially sensitive, but Buenger's wife, Victoria L. (Vickie) kept finding a lone straw back by the bar sink.  Because neither she nor Walter used straws, each time she found one she tossed it away (and marveled that the next day she found a new one in its place. . .was someone spinning gold into straw?).  Finally, she asked Buenger if he knew anything about the straw.

He did.

Buenger used it on mornings when he overfilled the coffee pot.  He would suck out a bit of the extra water, so that he would have EXACTLY nine and a half cups of water to go with his EXACT measure of coffee (I'm afraid this number is so top secret that even I don't what it is, but I can attest that it is EXACTLY the right amount to go with nine and a half cups of water, which is EXACTLY the amount that will fill my coffee mug twice and Buenger's coffee mug two and two-thirds times which is EXACTLY how much coffee each of us needs each day).

He's also a great dad and knows that every little girl needs a football for Christmas!


  1. Allow me to be the first to comment: I was totally entertained while learning all of these fascinating things about Walter. I will probably smile all day long. Thank you to both of you!

  2. Walter should be in all the "pedias"! Great pictures and the web site looks wonderful.

  3. Well, I think Erin should have her own page. After all, inn 2 places she's listed as the inspiration for chet edwards for getting $150 million to cure nb. and she continues to inspire.. at least me. sounds like she's got quite the fan club - 900 people at her funeral, i didn't realize that. just think, there would have been more if ALL of her fans were there.

    btw. i LOVE the new picture. darn it, i wish i'd gotten to meet her.

  4. Bout time Walter got a pictorial!! I said out loud "He does not!" on the straw/coffee segment. That's one quirky guy you've got there! Thanks for the laugh!

    Shea VB

  5. Love it, Vickie. Thanks for sharing and congrats on being married to a real Wiki-hero. God bless. Jenny in Idaho
    P.S. Remembering Erin today and being inspired to live life to the fullest.

  6. I laughed outloud while reading this! Then burst into tears over the Erin getting a football thing. Darn you! Walter is the best!