Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fly (and Land)

November 25, 2010

I figured we would spend at least part of the evening last night discussing the merits of pat down versus FBS as we enjoyed a beer and the prospect of someone else cooking and cleaning for Thanksgiving for a change.  It didn't turn out that way.  I don't even know which one Davis chose.

We do have him home from Ohio for the holiday, which we anticipated and now appreciate.

We also appreciate that the wing struts didn't give way when he landed in Houston.

We also appreciate the unexpected (and event-free) midnight to 4 am tour of the mainly deserted highways and tollways between Bryan and Houston (with added appreciation that I didn't turn into a pumpkin by staying up past midnight, because if you think of it, Thanksgiving Day is a bad day to be a pumpkin).

TSA search technique was the least of Davis's worries when his 4:30 pm flight got delayed multiple times yesterday as Continental tried to repair his plane's damaged struts, even flying in a specialized maintenance crew to do the final fix.  He boarded his flight a bit after midnight, Eastern time. . . only eight hours later than expected, but long after the last connecting flight and last ground shuttle van into Bryan had parked safely for the night, but that's okay.  Walter and I didn't mind.  We just split our night's sleep into shifts (8-midnight, then 4:30-8) and motored into the Big City to fetch him.

Teddy and Willie were totally confused when we got out of bed at midnight and left the house (Walter expressly told them we were not taking suitcases with us so they didn't have to worry.).  They were even more genuinely puzzled when we returned with The Young Prince.

I'm sure that there are many, many other things that deserve mention for my thanks today, but like Teddy and Willie earlier this morning, I'm a little too befuddled to recount them all, so I will cop out and hold up my friends and family for all they do for which I am thankful.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Vickie, Walter and Davis! So glad The Young Prince got home safely.

  2. The Teddy and Willie comment made me smile (actually, since two of my kids are named Ted and Will, your dogs ALWAYS make me smile -- but I digress). Several years ago, when one of my kids went to school in Maine, and then Vermont, we think the dogs just concluded that, for reasons mysterious, we "warehoused" him at the airport -- and just went there to pick him up and bring him home for major holidays. They have learned to love trips to the airport, as we always seem to retrieve, from storage, someone they are glad to see.