Friday, November 12, 2010


November 12, 2010

I've changed. After 50 years.

Last year, I experimented.

This year I went all in.


I have worn Goldtoe socks for as long as I have been aware of them, and something quite similar before that (this does not apply to athletic socks, when I wear Thorlo). I am not a flip flop girl, I have a narrow foot and almost always wear lace up shoes. Except when I wear my Keens with shorts, I almost always wear socks and shoes.

Last winter I tested a pair of Smartwool socks (technically, two pair). I could hardly imagine wearing itchy wool on my feet. I have self-diagnosed pedi-aphephobia (I made that word up aphephobia means fear of being touch, so I figure, pedi-aphephobia is the fear of having my feet touched or fooled with at all).

Wearing wool socks has been the shock of my life.

It is like walking around with your feet neatly tucked into comforting nests, lined with baby blankets. I bought eight new pairs of Smartwool socks on Wednesday. If you knew how much they retailed for, you would be shocked, dismayed, and frankly, disappointed in me.

My feet love me.

People can change.


  1. I <3 Smartwool (and the company is based in Steamboat CO, which is one of my favorite places on earth!!)

  2. hehe I'm the total opposite... today I actually wore socks and shoes and it was a rare occasion! ;)

  3. I bought my first pair in Steamboat.

  4. HATE WOOL!!!... I have pedi-wool-aphobia. lol.. but I'm glad you're treating yourself and your feet are happy. Give me flipflops and liberty or give me death.

    Except in snow. Yes, that's something entirely different :-)

  5. I love to be barefoot, but at the same time, I hate cold feet. Seeing as I live in Cleveland there are very few months I can let my feet out of their little cocoons. Last year I discovered Alpaca socks ($20 a pair) but thought my husband would freak so I passed on that opportunity. But you make it sound so worth it, and I absolutely LOVE all the colors and designs and stripes. I think I'm going shopping from my computer tonight! Thanks for the info!