Sunday, November 28, 2010


November 28, 2010
Three Four Five things:
  1. Davis took over The Dahvee Repore last night.  It had languished since he left for Ohio in August, appropriately, I think.  It borders on creepy/obsessive/fiction for a mom to continue to blog about her son in graduate school who lives 1000 miles away.  Really, Davis needed to grab his eponymous blog by the horns, which he has done.  Maybe he will invite me to guest blog from time to time.
  2. Can anyone walk me through the process of editing the blog template so the header with Erin's photo and the blog title are centered over the blog?
  3. I finished Lake Wobegone Days last night, just in the nick of Christmas.  You may remember I started it eleven months ago.  Reading about the north central midwest, when you hail from south central Texas really like visiting another country.  I had to take it slowly, just so I wouldn't miss any of the unfamiliar nuances.  For example, it took me quite a long time to envision driving the (same) car out onto a lake (every winter) and placing bets as to when it would fall through the ice AS AN ANNUAL FUNDRAISER.  I think the concept of ice tripped me up.  Anyway, I had a breakthrough on understanding Lake Wobegon and its inhabitants while catalog shopping yesterday.  You can order a t-shirt from Uncommon Goods that says Ludefisk:  the piece of cod that surpasses all understanding."  I think it was an epiphanal moment for me, and I guess that Gary Keillor would be annoyed that I had to learn it from a catalog, but if it was going to be a catalog the Uncommon Goods was better than most.
  4. To Jan, who left a lovely comment about warehousing her child at the airport (insert smile here), I think it is wonderful that you named two of your kids after my pups (insert double smile here).  Seriously, thanks for helping me feel less odd about giving the dogs specific instructions and detailed explanations whenever I leave the house. 
  5. If you have difficulty choosing Christmas gifts for teachers, co-workers, or health care providers, consider an Erin Dream Lanyard this Christmas.  For a $15 or $20 donation you can provide someone with a one-of-a-kind, handmade beaded ID lanyard, and 100% of your donation will go to fund a cure for neuroblastoma.  Email me, if you want more information.


  1. I would be honored to have you guest post. You know I always appreciate your content. It would defiantly up the quality of the blog.

  2. Do you PLAY trombone? I used to play Baritone horn in a Jazz band!.. Still have the mouthpiece. My singing is TERRIBLE, I could never participate in such a beautiful chorus.

    Love this new Erin look. You can change the size of that photo.. make it wider and "shorter"... I don't have exact dimensions, but I generally make the width about 1/4 wider and shrink the height by the same and then it spreads across the header nicely. You have to be careful not to distort... you might want to crop the photo first.. making it longer and not so tall. Hmmm... let me see what I can do. I might be able to grab it off your blog.

  3. Boston is about 2.5 hour drive, when will you be in town in January?