Thursday, December 2, 2010


December 2, 2010

After teetering and stumbling along all semester, I bumped into the last class day of the semester today.  I'm not completely done yet--various grading opportunities remain. . . and of course finals (Yes, I do have the next-to-last one scheduled:  Wednesday December 15, 1-3), but I no longer have to worry about whether to dress for a class day or a classless day (those who know me can appreciate the microscopic difference between these two states of the world).  [Did you happen to notice the way I mangled the punctuation in that sentence?  Far too ugly to correct.  I think I will leave it as a warning to sloppy writing.  Sloppy, as you know, is one of the seven dwarfs of bad writing, along with choppy, wordy, stodgy, weak, awkward, and boring.]

I woke up wondering about my travel plans for 2018 and 2022.  Yes!  You can save the big bucks buying your airline tickets eight to twelve years in advance.

Actually, today the World Cup sites for beyond Brazil-2014 were chosen:  Russia and Qatar.  Let's all envision what kind of inducements it will take to get Walter's buy-in.  I'm thinking this will go much beyond a generous foot massage or dinner at Madden's.

On the topic of soccer, I played small-sided games at practice on Tuesday and managed not to hurt any of the girls through either clumsiness or willful fouling.  They even chose to pass to me some of the time, proving that I wasn't a complete liability.  My body didn't creak too much yesterday, but this morning I had to do my dynamic stretches almost half way around the lake before I felt like I was walking with my regular gait.  

We will close out the season tonight with our last practice.  I say "we" but I mean they.  I have signed on to help my friend Joanie backstage at her musical at Rudder High tonight and tomorrow (I know, it's an Odd Friday, but I really owe Joanie big time).  Hopefully, I can figure out whatever it is she wants me to do--ride herd on unsupervised teenagers revved up by the cooler weather and the approaching holidays, no doubt.

As long as I'm drifting from one topic to another, I'd probably better stop before I run aground. 

I promise I will get back to the lanyard workshops soon (One at Navarro after school on Monday), but in the meantime, if you are looking for the Perfect Teacher's Christmas Gift, it's just a click away.

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  1. AHHH! You're going to the 2014 World Cup?! So lucky! :)