Friday, December 31, 2010


December 31, 2010

I should probably wax poetic about the end of the year, my lessons learned, my hopes for 2011.  I may fall into that trap tomorrow.  Today I want to tell you about my trip to the meat market.  

Until breakfast this morning, Walter and I were undecided about whether to cook New Year's Day dinner or take the fam to eat out.  We finally decided on eating in, so that we could guarantee the right kind of luck and money (black-eyed peas and cabbage) in our NYD diets.  This sent me off shortly after breakfast to Readfield's (my butcher) in search of a pork loin.  I took my running buddy, Emma (niece extraordinaire) with me.

Said niece, Emma

Emma was fascinated by a store where all you can buy is meat and meat-related stuff.  After Ben, my favorite butcher (and don't tell me that everyone doesn't have a fave butcher), picked and wrapped our roast, Emma wanted to carry that almost ten pound beauty to the cash register.  

At first she cradled it, but since it is long and a bit unwieldy, she opted for slinging it over her shoulder (like a continental solider), and hefting it to the check out.  I helped her get it up on the counter, where she tapped on it while Tammy rang it up.  Someone asked if she was tenderizing it, and she agreed that that was what she was doing.

Emma insisted on carrying it out to the car and pulled it up on her lap for the ride home, where she continued to make a very satisfying noise slapping it as we drove along.

After a few minutes she asked, "Aunt Vickie, do you think I have terrorized this end enough?"

I pronounced it suitably terrorized and she worked her way to the other end.

I am perfectly certain that we will have the most terrorized roast in the neighborhood for our family dinner tomorrow and with all the black-eyed peas and cabbage we are going to eat, we will be the most fortunate family as well.


  1. Oh that is just a precious story. Happy New Year, Vickie!

  2. What a great post, and.. can you believe... I do NOT have a favorite butcher?.. I'm afraid we are stuck with whoever serves us at the local Stop & Shop. Our butcher(s) went out of business long ago. Occasionally, I sent the Man into New Haven for a really good piece of meat. I have to terrorize it myself, though.

  3. How cute! That's so funny. She's the opposite of me - my mom goes to the store and tells me to put the meat in the cart and I can't even touch it. I can't stand to even look at raw meat because it just grosses me out! Most of the time I'm vegetarian but on NYE I did end up eating some meat.

  4. Somebody who inspires me:

  5. whoa - so I was going to send you a message this week and then you commented on my blog! So I just got a promotion at work, taking over as the teen director (although I am called the teen coordinator) and I have been doing some cleaning/organizing... anyway, on top of a shelf in the teen center were a few styrofoam cups, and in these cups... half finished ERIN LANYARDS!! The Leaders club must have started a project and not finished it, so hopefully some time soon I will have the finished ones to send your way.

    Also terrorized meat sounds delicious ;-)