Thursday, December 16, 2010

Clean and Caption

December 16, 2010

Cleaning up at the end of the semester gives me a brilliant, liberating feeling.  It goes beyond clearing my office desk and credenza.  I tackled the desk in Erin's room this morning.  I work in Erin's room almost every day.  I check my mail on the laptop at her desk.  We have all the beading activity in her room.  As you know, any flat surface accumulates stuff, and her desk is no exception, so this morning I returned all the strewn about markers that Emma had used to make Thanksgiving decorations back to their various containers.  I sorted bead project addresses and receipts and put them away.  I now have a clean flat surface, so more stuff can start building up!

In the process I opened one of the gazillion books, notebooks, photo albums, diaries, etc. that Erin was always starting and abandoning.  
For your entertainment, here is a sampling from that very Lisa Frank Diva Photo Album.  I have written her own caption that she included on the back of each photo (proving, once again, that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree--I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find the perfect caption for each photo I put in an album, which explains why I am six years behind in getting my photos organized.).

"the karatie boggie  EB, CS!"
NOTE BENE:  I think she meant "the karate boogie."

"Long way from success or should I say tall?"
I also found this in the "notes" section of the album, thus affirming the lovely effect cleaning and sorting can have:


  1. Sorry Emma left a mess! But I am glad you got it cleaned up just in time for her to come make another one... :-).

    Thanks for the glimpses from Erin's notebooks! I am missing her terribly as the holidays approach, and these helped!

    Love you,

  2. I love seeing glimpses of Erin again.

  3. Oh thanks for this Vickie. So sweet to see Erin's personality through everything. Love you! Donna

  4. Just an anonymous reader, but the "I had a very nice day and sorted my crayons" made me smile. Erin was one of a kind!


  5. Our flat surfaces accumulate stuff at an incredible rate. Thanks for pointing out that may be a universal phenomenon! Great photo of Erin on the climbing wall. that was some wall!

  6. Aww... "I had a very nice day and sorted my crayons" :) I know I said it before but I really wish I could have met Erin. <3