Friday, April 8, 2011


April 8, 2010

We all have our own reasons why we would prefer the government not shut down at midnight tonight (which probably means that while we don't all love everything the government does, we all do love some, if not many, of its involvements).  

For me, the fact that medical research at the NIH Clinical Center will shut down matters.  New studies (seven are scheduled to kick off next week, including two for children with cancer) won’t begin and ongoing trials won’t enroll new patients, ABC News reports.

I shall have faith that Barry Jackson and David Krone (the two crucial staffers negotiating between the House and the Senate) work something out so we can avoid the shut down.


  1. fingers crossed and hoping for resolution

  2. Can't figure out if the parties are working together or just saying they are. But faking it 'til you make it has something to recommend it... I've decided to be hopeful.

  3. this has nothing to do with that. just letting you know i'm thinking about y'all - vickie, walter, davis and all those others who were close to the amazing erin and loved her so much (and she loved so much), today.