Friday, April 1, 2011


April 1, 2011

I guess my April Fools Day joke is to turn the noun "verb" into an actual verb.  Not that funny.

Anyway, I have been struck with the number of emails and other encounters I have had lately with people celebrating the way that Erin inspires them.  At least four of my friends (Jennifer, Brooke, Spencer, and Kathryn) are celebrating their Relays for Life with Erin in mind.  Thank you dear friends.  That is a lovely thought.  Erin loved Relay and always looked forward to going round and round (and round and round and round) the track, complaining bitterly when I made her leave to get some sleep.

I ran by the meat market after lunch this afternoon, and stood in line into a dad I had know briefly when Erin was at Jane Long.  This lovely man greeted me like a long lost friend and went on to tell me that his son Jason, who had only known Erin for about seven months before she died, had started growing his hair out for locks of love shortly after her death, and had only recently gotten to the needed length.  I think the dad (who is a minister) was really proud of his son, but also really glad to have a clean cut son again. 

I also received this note yesterday morning:

Since I have been a fan of your Erin Buenger page, I thought I would share with you something about myself. My 16 year old son Nate was interviewed for a local PBS station on bullying. If you go to, find the show Experience, and watch the show on bullying. My son Nate Bowden and myself were interviewed for the piece. We are taking your advice…we are using Verbs to live our lives.  

Here is the link: 

Nate is fantastic (so's his mom):  so articulate, so composed. 

Another one of my cyber friends Nikki has started an Etsy store (I'm not positive I know what that is, but it sounds daring and important.).  Here is how she describes it:

Disney Princess Autograph Books/Journals for YOUR Princess!
“I can make that,” the Disney-loving owner of new etsy store, Paper Diva Designs, said when she saw someone selling journals online. “I can make that AND make it uniquely creative AND OOAK.” Since designing her own upcycled journals, the Diva uses recycled papers and book covers whenever possible. 
Paper Diva Designs features an array of handmade upcycled journals, including Disney Princess Autograph Books/Journals and Vintage Ephemera Journals as well as Vintage Collage Packs for every artist’s need! Collages and Custom Disney Journals are soon to follow.
Her current featured product is an Upcycled The Little Mermaid Journal/Autograph book. It features all 10 Disney Princesses. It's wonderful for journaling or for getting your favorite princess's autograph at Disneyland or Walt Disney World!
To celebrate the Grand Opening of Paper Diva Designs, on April 1st, 2011, coupon code UBP11 will give you 20% off your entire order April 1 – 9!

I'm pretty sure I am forgetting other folks who do verbs in so many other ways:  those who run, dance, sing, clean, write, play, and just find ways to Do It!  Thank you!

Now for a real April Fool's email, 

Here is what Walter sent to his department of 50 plus faculty and assorted grad student and staff today:

Members of the History Department:

Scientific advances in DNA analysis have now made it so cheap that Israelis are utilizing it to identify the dogs whose owners do not clean up after them:

This same technology will now be used to assure that our "self-cleaning kitchen" becomes truly self cleaning.
It is unconscionable of those who leave dirty cups and behind, expecting the secretaries to do a job that they were not hired for.

Therefore, I am asking each of you to come by Mary Johnson's office to take a cheek swab next Monday or Tuesday.

If you prefer, you can arrange for her to come by your office with a swab. The procedure is perfectly painless and harmless and takes only a few seconds.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation.



  1. April Fool's Day has always been my favorite. I didn't "get" anyone today, so I'm glad to see Walter picked up the slack!

    Always nice to check in here, Vickie. Thanks for keeping this up. I just watched the video for the first time -- what a great piece of work. It captures Erin's spirit so well. And I love the song it is set to. Who is that?

    Hope to see you Sunday! -Kim

  2. Thanks for your "plug" For Nate's tv debut. Nate is a high honor student taking honors classes at school. He is looking into accounting then he wants to go to law school. I told him not to go into social work (my major at Penn State). You would be happy to see him kick a football..he has played soocer since he wad 4. He made Varsity his freshman year but quit the team this year due to bullying issues (he was tormented because he was the first freshman to join varisty and his classmates were mad). Football has been wonderful for him. Have a relaxing weekend and once again..THANK YOU! Debi from Pittsburgh