Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hike or Walk

July 30, 2011

Walter and I went on the Southfork trail in the White Mountain Wilderness of the Lincoln National Forest this morning and went further up the trail than we have ever gone.

On the way back down the trail we came across a big dog party.  I took their picture because they looked like they were having so much fun.  I'm sure Teddy, Willie, and Uma are having just as much fun.  They tended to play a lot of Twister and Mah Jong when we leave them alone:

Can someone explain the difference between "hike" and "walk"?  Is it a matter of equipment?  Terrain?  Changes in elevation?  Length?  Something else?  Or are they the same?  I felt like I did both.


Length--6 miles
Change in Elevation--2,700'
Degree of Difficulty--Difficult (though it starts out easy enough for children)
Water Crossings--lost count (but none deep enough that we had to change out of hikers into water sandals)
Time on Trail--3 hours


  1. Sounds like a "power stroll"

    Shea VB

  2. Well.. when I think of hiking... I'm thinking UP. So, if you weren't going up, you'd be walking. I have no idea why I think this, it just is what it is :-)