Friday, July 29, 2011


July 29, 2011

File under things that make me say hmmmmm:

We past several 50-wheelers on I10 yesterday.  Seriously.  I counted the tractor trailer wheels and there were, 50 total wheels on the ground, not 18.  I couldn't even find a Google image to illustrate for you.  And they were so long and moving so fast (The speed limit was 80 mph) I didn't get a photo myself.

I drove with both hands on the wheel when passing them, though if the big things they were carrying had decided to roll off in the high cross winds, having both hands on the wheels would not have saved us.  

Today I am looking forward to watching the car's external thermometer start to gradually drop (after we turn left at Roswell and head towards the mountains).


  1. Have a wonderful trip in the mountains!.. now i'm wondering what the heck you're seeing on the road... 50 wheels??... I gotta google.

  2. Couldn't resist Googling. Any of these look familiar?