Sunday, July 31, 2011


July 31, 2011

If you wanted you could travel the world and inspect the Seven Wonders of the World (which you will realize, if you click the link, that there are actually 28, which would probably take a very long time to see.  I have viewed three in person in my first fifty years, which is a nice trifecta, but doesn't bode well for clearing the table.).

If instead, you work on the list of "Makes You Wonder(s) of the World" you don't have to travel so extensively.  Here are the three I saw this morning when I made the walking loop near our hotel:

Muffler Tree Art?

Balloons Waiting to Escape and Find a Party?

I didn't get a photo of the third Wonder.  I saw it approaching on the walking trail at a jog.  At first I couldn't tell what it was--something bundled up from head to toe in several layers of clothing, bulky, puffy, almost like the Michelin Man.  Head covered with both a knit cap and a hood.  It's cool here, but even I was wearing shorts.  As it passed, I decided the small, young man running by was not an old woman as I had thought, but was probably a slightly heavy jockey trying to make weigh in for this afternoon's races at 1:00.

All three of these sights made me wonder what Erin would have quipped if we had been walking along together.  In fact, if any of you ever wondered, there is absolutely no way to count how many different times or ways your mind touches on someone who is gone and won't be coming back.


  1. I do the same concerning my dad... I think that is how they remain with us in one of many ways.... Had lunch with Shelby Fisher last week, and we talked of Erin... Sweet memories... love your posts, Vickie,, Talk to you later, Peggy Forster

  2. wait... where in the world is Vickie Buenger now? *confused* gosh darn stats futzing my brain all up.

  3. I believe it is in these moments that Erin resides with you still. A life is such an energy..more than just parts that work in unison. I don't believe that energy vanishes with the death of the vehicle it was in.

    I think of you often, and how courageous you are, how you have lived your life beyond your loss. Amazing, your family is.