Monday, February 9, 2009

And Slowing It Back Down

February 9, 2009

Alternative Title: I'm Skipping Sunday From Now On

Despite the upbeat, pump-it-up, keep-the-party-going post I wrote yesterday (scroll down if you missed it), things did not unfold on the same trajectory. Yesterday was the fourth Sunday in a row that Erin has felt punk. The first (back on January 18) she had the early effects of the pleural effusion. Then came two back-to-back Sundays with (what did the Victorians euphemistically call it?) dyspepsia. Yesterday, Erin looked like warmed over gravy as she stood singing the anthem in church, then she spent most of the afternoon on the sofa with a book. An 8:00 bedtime told me I couldn't just blame my imagination or the fact that she insists on burning the candle at both ends. This morning she woke with body and joint aches and a headache. I sent her back to bed.

She has rallied some, enough to eat a bit, knock off some homework, and of course, play some computers games. I also snapped a couple of photos to show you her new look. Her eye exam last Monday revealed that she is the smallest bit farsighted. Seems the extra screen time that a personal Macbook engenders was enough to strain her eyes and give her headaches. Thus, the $8 reading glasses from Walgreens (just for close work):

Oh yeah, and that is a trace of hair you see.


  1. I was going to recomend a pair of reading glasses in an earlier comment... it really does make her look more presidential.

  2. Always the smile...we can count on that!


  3. The glasses are too cute, but they make her look so mature! Too mature for this aunt's taste...

  4. I love her smile! I see she is reading The Giver. I love that book. :)

  5. Boy, she's smart AND good looking! It's just fair! :-)

    As always, enjoy every entry very, very much.