Sunday, February 8, 2009

Picking Up the Pace

February 8, 2009

Before Christmas, when Erin started feeling better and again in early January, when we had decent scan results, Erin expressed the desire to get more active. Wish granted.

It felt like old times this week:

Wednesday: school, student council, fused glass workshop, homework
Thursday: school, UIL practice, fencing, homework
Friday: invitation to Jackson's house, Bryan High production of "Little Shop of Horrors"
Saturday: UIL meet (five events, two ribbons), Toni and Sandy over for lanyard making and play
Sunday: sang the anthem in a quartet at church, rest (finally)

This week we get another wish granted: no trip to Houston this week, just a CBC drawn locally!

As for the lanyards, I have built a spreadsheet of orders, and we are working through it. For those of you who live out of town, I will take a break from my duties as Erin's social secretary and chauffeur at some point this week and email you more information and instructions. What we really need is just a skosh of patience. We will honor every single request and would love to have even more requests. Just remember that each lanyard is personally and uniquely designed and takes more than a minute to make.


  1. Order No. 27:
    "any kind that looks cool for a dad", says Kevin (Hans' dad).

    Would it work if we just put up a donation on Erin's giving tree for our order? Is her giving tree code still 24730? she can leave them for us at clinic, whenever! We're patient!!!
    Glad to hear of the fun business:)


  2. so it's not too late to place an order? how do i pay y'all? and really - no rush. i'm happy to consider it a gift to myself when i pass comps (hopefully it'll all be over by the middle of april), or defend my proposal (mid may would be GREAT), or become me, phd (next may or august). how's that for not a rush?


  3. I would love to place an order for a lanyard! Like everyone else, there is no rush... just tell me how much to send and where to send it! My email is if that makes it easier.

    This is great- My old keychain just broke last week so I've been needing something to attach my keys to!