Monday, February 2, 2009

Lanyard Blitz

February 2, 2009

I actually don't get Groundhog Day, probably because I live in Texas and cannot fathom six more weeks of winter. . .but
Punxsutawney (punx-suh-TAW'-nee) Phil is a cute enough fellow. People in snowy climates seem to depend on him, so who am I to comment one way or another?

I have a confession. I walked next door to check on my mom about an hour ago. She had missed lunch at Gina's yesterday, suffering from the full effect of the blooming cedars (some people around here call these evergreens junipers, but those who do are probably still relying on Punxsutawney Phil's prediction of six more weeks of winter) on her delicate sinuses. This is an annual event, and it also makes her feel miserable. I went over to offer her some sympathy and ended up making her feel worse. You see, she said she was also suffering from some other non-allergy/non-sinus-y symptoms, and I practically fell out of my chair cheering and saying things like "that's great!" and "wonderful news." Why? Erin had the same things going on last night and this morning, and without confirmation that she might have picked up something contagious, I was really having a hard time dismissing the idea that the symptoms were somehow related to disease progression, pleural effusion, and/or an insulted liver. I was so happy, I dialed Walter on the cell and interrupted his lunch with a colleague to share my "good news." I think my mom was looking for less celebration and more commiseration. I felt a twinge of guilt for that, and a bit more of a twinge for sending Erin on to school after her eye doctor appointment this morning.

Okay, so no good mother awards today. I sent Erin to class with some unidentified contagious disease AND wearing sunglasses and unable to read small print because her eyes were still dilated from her eye exam. I did stop at Walgreen's and buy her some real sunglasses so she didn't have to wear those doctor-issued curly ones that don't stay on--even if you like the fashion statement and want to wear them.

As I was looking through the last few weeks of entries, I noticed that except for the school pic I posted on Friday, I have really slacked off posting photos of Erin (over three weeks). So here are some bonus shots. The first two are the quiche Erin made for Walter's birthday.

The second two are of the work party on Friday night when Erin and Leslie Borski got after the glass bead lanyard project.

We stopped by Mary Branch Elementary (Erin's old school) after the eye doctor appointment to deliver a special order lanyard to Mrs. Pope, and because Erin happened to have some lanyards made on spec handy, she caused a little lanyard sales blitz and quickly sold out. We still owe quite a few special-order lanyards to our friends (Laura K., Michelle B., Diane N., Josh D., Bev D., Nick B., plus four others for Leslie B. Also, an eyeglasses chain for Joanie F.). If you have requested one and you don't see your name in parentheses, could you drop me a note and remind me what you want? Erin has raised over $300 for the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation selling lanyards in the last three weeks. Thank you for supporting her efforts!

And if you don't yet have your own custom-designed and built, handy and attractive badge lanyard, place your order by comment below, facebook, email, phone, or in person. Saturday we re-supplied ourselves for the next lanyard-making push. Does anyone want to have a beading party this weekend?

Erin has student council after school today and Wednesday (with much to do before the Valentine's Dance), clinic in Houston tomorrow afternoon, and UIL and her first fencing lesson on Thursday. Thanks for stopping by and for all the affirming comments and support Erin fans so generously give.


  1. Wow Erin! that does sounds like a sales blitz.
    I hope you found some of those donated beads useful. You make a pretty good entreprenuer.

    I think we'll miss you in clinic tomorrow - our appt. is too early.

    I'll have to put a good word in for a better apt next time ;)

  2. Totally understand your "cheering" when you find out someone else has the same symptoms going on as your child - is that not normal??!! Crazy what this disease does to our minds, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one who thought like that! :)

  3. I'm still planning on Sunday sometime. What time would you suggest?

  4. Hello Erin,

    I've been following your blog for some time now but have never posted. I think you're just a ray of sunshine and one cool kid! I also think your Mom has a way of writing that makes me want to tell her she should write a book!
    Speaking of your Mom, since she finds Groudhog Day somewhat of an oddity, I want to say that I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, home of, you guessed it- Punxatawney Phil ( I may have spelled that wrong). I just moved to Washington 5 years ago. Anyway- Groundhog day is a big deal back in PA, at least until you're old enough to realize that according to the calendar, winter is 6 weeks away no matter what Phil says. That little furry fellow almost always predicts 6 more weeks of winter anyway!!
    Erin, would love a lanyard for my badge, but do you take mail orders? How much do you charge?

  5. Hey Erin - the Mikulak Family would like to order four lanyards with an "orange" theme if possible. Where do I send my money and how much of it would you like?
    xoxo - Melissa Mikulak, Max's Mom

  6. Hi Erin,
    We've found your site through Max's site. We live in VA and our daughter is fighting meddulloblastoma. I'd like 2 lanyards if you can send them to VA. They look awesome! If that will work, how much for each and for the postage? Where do I send the check?
    Please let me know... here's my email address


  7. Hey Erin,
    my name is Mickey. My son is Cody and he is battling the beast also. He is 6 and has been battling for 4 years now. I would like to purchase one of your lanyards if I may. You can contact me @

    Also please stop by Cody's blog.

  8. Hi! I'd love to buy an Erin-made lanyard. Could you make mine maroon with a touch of turquoise? Great way to have fun and make money to wipe out NB! Hugs to all Buengers.....

  9. Oh my goodness,
    I don't want to overwhelm you with orders, but if you could make one more, would you make me one???

    I like purples, or black and white.
    Love ya!

    Hans' mom

  10. Would like to order a lanyard too! (Blues or greens would be great!) Will make my donation to CNCF online.
    Fencing! what a sport! can't wait to hear about your lessons and seeing the story in photos.
    After finding the wikipedia article somewhat intimidating came across this about fencing for kids

    Mara Stiles
    from snowy NJ where the groundhog rules.

  11. Hi Erin,

    I forgot to include my e-mail address with my lanyard order. It's
    I'm not choosing a color - I would rather have one designed especially by you.

  12. Hi Erin - well, I see now that you're overrun with lanyard orders. However, if you catch up at some point, I am in the process of opening an artisans gallery and gift shop in Connecticut. I'de be more than happy to sell your lanyards with a description of who you are and what your mission is. All money would be donated to your cause, and I'de be happy to match the donations. If you and your mom think this is an idea you'de like to follow, you can contact me at - Karen Milano. You are an inspiration, Erin, keep up the great work.

  13. I'd like to buy three lanyards, please. What do I need to do? Mary Lenn

  14. Hello,
    I don't speak english very well but I want to say that I empathize.