Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back to School

February 10, 2009

I saw the stat counter climbing, so I knew a few of you wondered what became of Erin. Since she didn't run a fever and since she insisted on returning to school this morning, I let her go. . .even though I thought she looked like grits that had sat out on the table too long. My spies reported that she started off pretty slowly but perked up as the day went on. I even heard she was laughing with her usual lunch crowd in the cafeteria (this is good on two counts: eating, of which there hasn't been a lot in the past couple of days, and laughing, which truly is the best medicine).

We had planned on getting a CBC after school here in town, but the technician who usually does it was out, and the nurse thought we might want to avoid the accumulation of sick folks at the clinic. We agreed and took a pass until tomorrow.

Erin came home and ate second lunch or first supper, worked on her animation project for tech aps, and sat on the porch a while reading. Now she has cozied up with Teddy to keep her out of the kitchen.

I must be going for housekeeper of the year: the 5:00 whistle blew, and I am still scrubbing away on the kitchen and dining room floors on my hands and knees. Well, I took a break to post this entry, but I have just one section left. I am considering duct taping the dogs to the wall to keep them from walking on my floor, so that it might stay clean for a few hours.


  1. Aha! Another Buenger finding inventive ways to use duct tape. I say go for it. Dogs beware!

    Hugs to all Buengers.....

  2. Hi,
    just popping by to say I'm glad Erin's back at it.
    Can't wait to pat her head with that new hair!