Friday, February 27, 2009


February, 27, 2009

I think I will take the weekend off from desk work (other than end-of-month bill paying, which, I suppose, I can't avoid), so I thought I should post an entry before I logged off. Erin has definitely made positive progress after three radiation session. Her breathing and coughing have improved, and we are easing back on the pain meds to see if she has also gotten better on that front as well. Less pain medication will translate into greater lucidity, which will improve her outlook immensely. She will have five more sessions next week, then we will re-evaluate and see what happens next.

We spent part of the afternoon sorting out lanyards and how to proceed (Our stock is up to a couple of dozen so we ought to be able to fill most standing orders soon). We have some made for folks who had particular parameters (colors, length, etc.). I will contact you directly, in person, by phone, or by e-mail, and let you know how we will handle the delivery. For those of you who didn't express particular preferences, we have taken photos with batches of lanyards. I will send the photos to you by e-mail (or if you have facebook, they are on my site, and I will friend you if you need me to). I am doing this sequentially in the order the lanyard requests came in, so different people don't claim the same on-spec lanyard. Once you have adopted a particular one, we'll make a plan for delivery.


  1. Glad to hear about positive progress! I wish I was still there to help you celebrate in normal Friday night fashion. Kiss my girl and rub her head, then hug the rest of the family while having a drink for me.

    I love you all very much!!

  2. Hello, Buenger folks!

    Just thinking about Erin tonight and hoping your week ahead is happy and busy--bust with regular stuff, NOT medical stuff!


  3. Dear Erin, I was so happy to see your lanyards. Gosh, we teachers sure use them alot! I would love to try to sell some of them at our school to help raise funds for Neuroblastoma research. Please let me know what i need to do to make that happen. If Ayesha and I come to your neck of the woods over Spring Break we will definitely get in touch! Big hugs sweetie, i think of you so often and check your site regularly. Give your mum a big hug for me. nasreen