Friday, March 26, 2010


March 26, 2010

You may have heard that things grow bigger in Texas. You want proof? My mom took a birding trip to south Texas for Spring Break. Here's a photo of one of her "Birds of the Day."

"Cluck"--not in the Merriam-Webster sense of the word:

Main Entry: 1cluck
Pronunciation: \ˈklək\
Function: verb
Etymology: imitative
Date: 15th century

intransitive verb 1 : to make a cluck
2 : to make a clicking sound with the tongue
3 : to express interest or concern ed over the new developments>transitive verb 1 : to call with a cluck
2 : to express with interest or concern

but in the chicken language sense of the word: "I need help" and that is what I need from you. I have a gifted student who has offered to help me (re)design and build a new web page for our lanyard project. You may have noticed that the old one isn't so hot in the sense that things are hard to find and it doesn't use space efficiently. It might get a "fail" on other important dimensions as well.

Please take a minute to answer two questions that will help me begin the redesign process. Either leave a comment or email me at .

1. Why did you visit Erin's Dream Lanyards? (choose as many as apply)

  • To make an order
  • Curiosity
  • To find out how to help
  • Followed a link
  • Interested in lanyard stories
  • To see the workshop schedule
  • To download material about lanyards
  • Other (describe)
2. Was there anything you were hoping would be there, but wasn't?

Of course, if you have any other feedback, I'd love to hear it. Believe me, you couldn't offend me by detailing the ways the website needs fixing (confusing, etc.).


As long as I'm clucking (in the chicken language sense of the word), I'd like to remind all the locals and those within driving distance that this would be a great weekend for you to do some spring cleaning. AND if you find anything that needs a new home:

Remember that on Saturday, April 24, Erin's school, Jane Long Middle School, is having a garage sale. This is not just any old garage sale, where someone tries to sell their garage or even the junk in their garage.

This sale is the major way the the Jane Long PTO funds the Erin Buenger Scholarship, established in her memory.

We have a place to store those things between now and then and can even pick up your items. Let me know (


Holy Flying Mammal! Here's what I found on the ceiling of my office when I got to work this morning:


  1. hi vickie -
    i went to erin's dream lanyards site because you told your readers to in this website.. :) and to place an order or 2. i don't have any comments about it.. though - a recommendation - you may want to contact your educational technology department to see if someone in the masters program would be interested in helping you do a redesign for credit:

    our masters students here at USU in instructional technology design websites.. and me - well, this is what i did as a project for one of my masters classes in instructional technology at u of georgia: -- and then i was a webmaster for a few years after that.

    you can tell them you want it designed so that they can hand it over to you and you can take over all updates, et..

  2. i promise it wasn't us!!! Aaron just wrote something on the white board in the conference room!!


  3. Reminds me of the time I sat on a toilet in our first house, eight months pregnant..looked down... and between my feet on the floor was a very startled and hissing BAT. It apparently had fallen from the ceiling vent above the toilet.

    I'm surprised I didn't give birth right there that very moment.

  4. Hi Vickie~

    My only comment regarding the site is that I thought it lacked the "PZAZZ" that I have come to associate with all things Erin. I had no problems placing an order. I think a bigger picture of our girl would be a good start.

    That's my 2 cents!


  5. I hope the yard sale is an amazing success! What a great way to hnoor Erin's spirit!