Monday, March 15, 2010

Fight On

March 15, 2010

The ides.  Of March.  Of course, Caesar had a warning about the grave peril he faced that day.  A whole host of other people I know have had their warnings as well.  They didn't come with a specific date, just a diagnosis:  your child has neuroblastoma.

These kids have died.  Cruelly.  Brutally.  Wrongly.  Some this weekend.  All in the past few weeks.

I never dreamed, in all my life, that I would know so many kids who died.

I'm angry.  When I am angry, I work harder.  I invite you to work with me, whether it is with the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer FoundationNB Alliance, Neuroblastoma FoundationFriends of Will, Max's Ring of FireBand of ParentsErin's Dream Lanyards, or any other neuroblastoma fundraising group that you know of.  Don't get sidetracked.  Don't have a short attention span.  Don't be put off by the pain of children dying.

There are plenty of kids that will benefit from NB research:  Hans, Will, Toby, Dylan, Sam F., Anna and thousands more that I don't know. We just need to get to work and stay on task.  

Reach out and help.

Can't come?  Send beads.  
No time to shop?  Send your old unwanted or broken jewelry (we will re-purpose).
Not into jewely?  Send a contribution.
Broke?  Call, email, leave a comment.  I will figure out a way that you can help.

Fight On!  Just as Erin and all the other kids did. . . until their last breath.


  1. We need you to come to SFHS again...I have kids who NEED to make lanyards and since I have new students they need to experience it! PLEASE let me know when you can come and I'll work around YOUR schedule.

  2. Vickie,
    I have followed your blog and Erin's story for a very long time. I mourned the loss of your beautiful girl as only another NB parent can do and continue to faithfully read your entries. Erin's was a story that I held onto as my Jack has battled this same monster valiantly for four-and-a-half years; I continue to read wanting to stay connected to Erin and your family while taking to heart your strength, courage, and determination in the face of this tragedy. Thank you for your post today . . . but really, thank you for all your posts. They make me laugh, make me cry, make me ponder, and make me believe. The tragedy of the losses on Friday and of the past few weeks are devastating and incomprehensible. They have left a pit in the stomach of all of us bound by this disease. You did a beautiful job of encouraging people to just do something, anything to help. Thank you for reminding everyone that if they take on a "let's do it" attitude, together we can move mountains and make progress.

    With hope and with friendship,
    Sarah Bartosz, Jack's mom

  3. oh my goodness vickie - when i read this in the atlanta airport the tears just flowed. i just got back to utah from visiting my dad.. when i'm done with this phd i want to be able to do more.. not for prostate cancer (that's dad's) because there's a lot of $ for adult cancer.. but seeing how cancer has destroyed my father's body.. i gotta do something. i hate what this disease does to people. i'll shut up now, i'm rambling, but yeah - when i have a bit more $.. i know you understand. but if there's something i can do now, being broke and all..

  4. It is so sad that so many children are lost to this disease. My thoughts are with everyone who has to undertake this horrible journey.

  5. right on, fight on VB. We're with you.

  6. Vickie,
    I will go through my jewelry box and see what I can find. We;ll stop by before we leave for Corpus on Thursday and/or leave it by your door.
    I do share your anger.

  7. Hi Vickie.. I'm Virginia.. I've just checked out all the pages in onor of all these angels, passed away too soon, sadly and wrongly, as you said..
    I don't now why, but in all their bright eyes, I saw the eyes of my little angel.. and it made me cry. Why do this happen? Is there a reason? I fought for six years beside my strong princess, and I lost the battle... I wasn't, and I am not strong enough.. I learned not to give up, but sometimes, expecially these days, it's too hard.
    As soon I can, I ill send you an email with something new.
    With all my love for you and your family

  8. YES! Vickie--well put. You are so right, and so good at getting us all to focus and press on. YES!!!! LET'S DO IT!!!

  9. I will keep fighting with you for the rest of my life.

    Last year Erik was excited to do the Extra Life fundraiser with me in Erin's name, but was too exhausted from treatment to stay up all night and play video games for the fundraiser.

    This year it's for them both.


  10. Dear Vickie, Hooray for you! what a gal! Having just come back from Sam's memorial service in San Diego I needed to read something like your blog! I love your lanyard and want to order another beaded glasses holder; and I will be there in Bryan Texas to order it in person! My cousin's son is getting married on April 24th weekend! My brother, his family and I are coming from London, Texas. I can't wait to meet you! you are such an inspiration! My heart is so heavy now with four little NB angels going to heaven on one day! Its a damn shame! but we must and we will ""Fight On!" Sara Maley (Sam's Gram& Margot's Mom )

  11. I am with you, Vickie. This has been a particularly hard month.

    Many hugs,